7 Ways To Add Spring To Your Front Door

I’m not sure about you, but by the time March arrives I’m more than ready for warmer weather! One of the first things I do to bring spring inside is add something pretty to my front door and I have a few ideas to share! Come browse all 7 ways to add spring to your front door!!

To begin with, let’s talk about how budget friendly these signs can be! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a home that is beautifully decorated and this first sign is a perfect example!!

1. Neutral Dollar Tree Wood Bead Wreath Tutorial

First up I want to show you this pretty little Neutral Dollar Tree wood bead wreath that begins with a Dollar Tree wood bead ring and has a neutral feel, but it’s so pretty!! It is definitely budget friendly when combined with some clearance ribbon! You can see the video tutorial for this DIY >>HERE<<.

2. Easy Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath Transformation

Next up we have the cutest bunny, and it really doesn’t get any easier than this bunny wreath transformation! I LOVED the bunny wreath from Dollar Tree, it just needed a little help! It was good as new in as long as it took for the hot glue gun to get hot!!

wood bunny wreath covered in green moss with coral flowers and polka dot bow

3. Dollar Tree Carrot Swag

Now we have the prettiest Dollar Tree carrot swag that begins with a Dollar Tree carrot form and let me just tell you that this one surprised me by how well it came together!! I’m just in love with the colors and how well they worked together!! You can see the live video tutorial right >>HERE<<.

4. Dollar Tree Time To Bloom Sign

Again, here’s another Dollar Tree beauty that comes together with a Dollar Tree wood round from the Dollar Tree plus section combined with the crackle technique and some vinyl wording. What a sweet way to greet your guests! You can watch the live tutorial for this project >>HERE<<.

time to bloom sign with beaded detail, rag bow, and Dollar Tree flowers

5. Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath

Now, this FUN little Dollar Tree Easter egg wreath is all about the color!! It’s super easy to create and even better, so budget friendly since it’s made with Dollar Tree items!!

6. Dollar Tree Easter Wreath with Cross

Finally, this one is my favorite Easter piece because it reminds us of the true meaning of Easter, our risen Savior. Once again this one is all things Dollar Tree and oh so pretty!! You can see the short video tutorial for this project right >>HERE<<.

moss covered wreath with crackled effect cross and peach colored flowers

7. Simple Spring Bunny DIY

Last but not least, this piece of door bling, the simple spring bunny DIY is simple and pretty! This one is easy and convenient because you can use a wreath you already have on hand and combine it with cardboard! I just LOVE a versatile piece of decor that makes good use of what you already have!

wreath with cardboard bunny ears and pink flowers

These DIY projects are perfect for the front door and any of them would be a pretty addition to the front of your home!! I hope you are inspired and enjoyed 7 Ways To Add Spring To Your Front Door. I’d love to know if you have a favorite….or two!!❤️

7 Ways To Add Spring To Your Front Door


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