Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath – Easy DIY

After a long, cold winter it’s always fun to bring lots of color into your home for spring and Easter!! I tend to be a neutral lovin’ girl, but these little eggs from Dollar Tree caught my eye and I fell in love with the pops of color they offer!! Combine them with some Dollar Tree wreath forms and you get a sweet little Dollar Tree Easter egg wreath!! Let me show you!!

Dollar Tree 8 inch wreath rings, Dollar Tree Easter egg garland, Reindeer moss, and ribbon

All things Dollar Tree…

I don’t only love this DIY because it’s so cute, but it’s budget friendly AND convenient too! Everything except the ribbon comes from Dollar Tree!! Here’s what you’ll need!

  • Dollar Tree wreath forms (2 in a pack) – 8 inch
  • Dollar Tree Easter egg garland
  • Reindeer Moss – 1 package
  • Ribbon (mine is from Hobby Lobby.)
  • String
Dollar Tree 8 inch wreath rings and Dollar Tree Easter egg garland

First things first, I need to see how the egg garland fits inside the wreath form. It’s a little too long so I’ll remove four eggs by simply pulling them off the string. Once I have it the correct length I’ll retie the string and set it aside. Now it’s time for some moss.

Dollar Tree eggs inside a wreath form with moss

Now I’ll just add a layer of moss inside the wreath form and lay the eggs on top. You can add a drop of hot glue here and there, but once you lay the second wreath form on top and tie it stays pretty secure.

Making the bow…

The bow for this project is pretty simple and I’m creating it by laying the ribbon back on itself, back and forth until it looks like this.

ribbon folded over onto itself

Finally, you will want to pinch the ribbon in the center and tie it with a piece of jute string as tight as possible.

ribbon made into a bow
ribbon tied in the center to create a bow

All that’s left to do is pull the loops apart and fluff until it looks something like this. I’ll also dove tail the ends.

pretty bow

Lastly, hot glue the bow to the top of the wreath and all done!! Isn’t this just the sweetest little Dollar Tree Easter egg wreath?? So easy and made in about thirty minutes or less!! I think we’re ready for the Easter bunny!! What do you think? If you love EASY Dollar Tree projects don’t miss this fun sign make-over!

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