Farmhouse Pedestal Trays – Chunky & Distressed

Have you ever walked into a room and your eyes are instantly drawn to a piece of decor? I LOVE pretty statement pieces, but I don’t like the price tags!! These farmhouse pedestal trays, all chunky and distressed look expensive, but they’re not!! Let me show you how easy they are to make!!

Just a few supplies…

All you need to create this pedestal tray is a candlestick, wood platter or bowl, and glue!!

Flip the platter or bowl over and find the center. Add E6000 glue to the top of the candlestick and center in onto the platter or bowl. Allow your glue to dry for 72 hours and that’s it!! Yep, it’s that easy!!

Picture of wood trays
Candlestick with E6000 glue
Wood platter upside down with candlestick glued in center
farmhouse pedestal trays - chunky & distressed

Look at these chunky and distressed candlesticks!! These pedestal trays are going to be gorgeous friends!! I’ve made pedestal trays before, but these may be my favorite!!

farmhouse pedestal tray sitting on stack of books
chunky farmhouse trays with vase of lemons sitting on top
farmhouse pedestal with books on top
small farmhouse pedestal on stack of books

I couldn’t love these pieces more!! They are the EASIEST to put together, and since the candlesticks and wood pieces were thrifted they costs next to nothing to make!! I’d call that a win!! What do you think???


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