Hello spring sign in basket with greenery and lemons

How to Make A Farmhouse Sign – No Cutting Machine Required

Hey friend!! Today we’ll be making a little spring sign, but would you be surprised I told you no cutting machine required?? I found the cutest little vinyl cutouts at Target and they’ll be perfect for this DIY!! Side note, I use clearance pieces ALL THE TIME!! You can see one of my favorites here!!

I picked this sign up at Hobby Lobby for $1.74 plus tax. It’s perfect for this project and it’s a nice size for a vignette or even in a tiered tray.

Let’s begin the transformation….

The first thing to do is paint it a base coat and I’m going with black acrylic.

Back of clearance sign that will be made over into farmhouse sign
Painting the clearance sign with black acrylic paint

After the paint is dry I’ll add the vinyl cutout I picked up at Target for $3.00. I’ll be using the “Hello Spring” piece.

Remove the “Hello Spring” from the backer paper and apply to the face of the sign. You don’t have to use transfer paper but it makes this step SO MUCH EASIER!

Picture of vinyl cutouts with wording "bloom" and "hello spring".
"Hello Spring" vinyl cutout with transfer paper on top
Picture removing vinyl from backer paper with transfer paper

Press the vinyl down and rub. I use a small tool from the kitchen!

Picture of vinyl applied to front of sign

Once the vinyl is pressed down well, go over the top of the sign with a second color. I’m keeping things simple and using a white chalk paint.

Picture of sign and white chalk paint

Cover the front and sides of the sign with the white paint and set aside to dry. I only added one coat so it would not have “complete” coverage, but you can add a second coat if you prefer.

Picture of paint brush applying white paint to sign
Picture of sign painted with white paint

Once the paint is completely dry go ahead and carefully peel the vinyl from the face of the sign. This part is so rewarding!!

Picture of starting to peel back vinyl after paint is dry
Picture of more vinyl being removed

Now we have a brand new farmhouse sign all ready for spring and no cutting machine was required!!

Picture of sign with all vinyl removed

If there are any areas that bled you can easily use a black Sharpie to cover since the lettering is black.

Picture of Sharpie being used to fill in where white paint bled through
Picture of sign in tiered tray with lemons
Picture of finished farmhouse sign in tiered tray with lemons and greenery

All finished and ready for spring!! I love the way the black and white pops against the yellow!! What do you think?

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