Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over

You guys know how much I LOVE a good clearance aisle, right??? Well, something I love even more is when I find an awesome clearance item that can be made-over on the cheap!! Take a look at this little canvas! It’s great quality just like I like, but the image is NOT what I’m wanting. But, I start thinking it might be perfect for my clearance aisle spring sign make-over.

Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over
Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over

Oh yeah, did I mention it’s on clearance?? For $3.50 I can’t resist taking a chance and seeing if it will work for what I’m wanting. Come along with me friends and let’s see if it will work!!

Gathering Supplies

The first thing I need to do is cover the image already on the canvas and decide the best way to do this is simply cover the image with a square piece of burlap. I iron my piece in order to flatten it before applying, and then used the tacky glue to attach it to the canvas. I also pull two threads from each side to give it a “shabbier” look.

Once the burlap is attached to the canvas, set it aside to dry while you cut out your scrapbook paper bunnies. I’ll use objects I have on hand to create the bunnies. The first step is to draw two circles, one larger and one smaller. The smaller circle will sit on top of the larger one, overlapping it. I’ll draw this on the back side of the scrapbook paper.

When the circles are traced, I’ll just add ears by drawing them on. Now you’re ready to cut it out. You’ll need to do this three times so you’ll have three bunny shapes.

Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over

My next step it to glue all three bunny shapes onto the burlap covered canvas using the tacky glue once more. Now I’ll add bows made from my string.

I’ll use a dab of hot glue to attach the bows and the pom simply because the hot glue dries quickly.

Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over

Clearance Aisle Spring Sign Make-Over

Now that all three poms are attached the little clearance aisle spring sign make-over is all finished!! You guys I am beyond happy with how this little canvas sign turned out!! It’s inexpensive to put together but so, so cute!!

Thanks so much for visiting and hopefully you are inspired to go search clearance aisles near you friends!! Stop by again soon and don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and You Tube!!

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