Easy DIY Spring Hoop Wreath

Oh spring, how I dream of you!!! I know it’s just the end of January, but I’m so ready for warmer temperatures and blooming flowers!! So, when I saw these beautiful flowers out at Hobby Lobby I knew they would be perfect for the easy DIY spring hoop wreath I had been wanting to make.

Here’s what I used:

  • embroidery hoop (mine is oval, but any shape will do)
  • miscellaneous flowers and greenery
  • hot glue gun
  • stain (if you choose to darken your hoop)

This little project is pretty straight forward and simple to achieve. The most difficult part was actually choosing the color scheme of my flowers!! The first thing I’ll need to do is stain my hoop.

Spring embroidery hoop wreath

Once the stain is dry, I’ll put my two hoop pieces back together and then use hot glue to attach my greenery.

Spring embroidery hoop wreath

I’ll start with a base of Lamb’s Ear, but you can use any greenery you like. Once the first layer of greenery is down I’ll just add different varieties of greenery on top until I achieve the desired fullness.

The last thing to be done is add your flowers on top. These lavender colored flowers caught my attention at Hobby Lobby and I just love them!!

Spring embroidery hoop wreath

The finished wreath is so pretty and refreshing!! I’m officially ready for spring friends!!

spring embroidery hoop wreath

I’m so glad you stopped by and hope this easy DIY spring hoop wreath has left you inspired to add a little spring color to your decor!! Be sure to follow Word and Home on all social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube!!


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