Free Printable Sweet Summertime Sign

This free printable sweet summertime sign makes it so easy to decorate for the summer months! Simply print the free printable on paper or card stock and insert into a pretty frame! I’m using a Dollar Tree frame to create a very budget friendly project!

free sweet sweet summertime printable
Dollar Tree frame

First of all I’m dry brushing some white paint onto the frame, and while that’s drying I’ll print the free printable. This printable is for personal use only. Cut them out and simply insert one into the frame like this one or even a Dollar Tree frame. This Dollar Tree frame said 4 X 6, but it was a bit smaller so I trimmed it down.

Dollar Tree frame

This free printable sweet summertime sign may be the easiest DIY ever, and a quick way to add a touch of summer to your home! Add it to a vignette or even set it on a shelf by itself for seasonal decor!

Use the lemon printable, the strawberry printable, or even both in your decor! Print them on card stock or textured paper to use in a frame or decoupage them onto a project! Printables are so versatile and I would love to know if you enjoyed these prints and how you are planning to use them in your home.

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