Easy Wood Curl Rose American Flag

Have you seen the little packages of wood curl roses at Dollar Tree? I just love to paint them and use them in my crafts so I thought why not combine them with a Dollar Tree frame to create a fun and easy wood curl rose American flag?

Dollar Tree plastic frame and wood curl roses
  • Dollar Tree plastic frame
  • 3-4 packages of Dollar Tree wood curl roses
  • Red/White/Blue spray paint or acrylic paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Spanish Moss

First off, paint two wood curls blue, seven wood curls red, and four wood curls white. Set aside to dry and then remove the paper and plastic insert from the frame.

Rust OLeum spray paint in Apple Red and Satin Ink Blue
wood curls spray painted red and blue

Next, start gluing the rose curls down, beginning in the top left hand corner, beginning with the two blue curls. Push the curls as closely together as possible. The curls are all different sizes, so some will fit more closely together than others, but don’t worry too much about small gaps as you can fill those with moss at the end.

Now go ahead and create a second row using the four white curls. These curls were larger, so I only needed four, if yours are smaller you may need five for the row. I would suggest laying the curls out beforehand in the frame before painting so you’ll get an idea of how many you need for each row.

painted wood curls attached to the center of Dollar Tree frame

Finish up with the last row of the easy wood curl rose American flag using four red wood curls.

Lastly, use some Spanish moss to fill in any gaps and around the outer edge. For a distressed look, use distress ink around the edges of the frame..

Spanish moss
Spanish moss inserted in between the wood curls
distress ink added to edges of frame
Easy Wood Curl Rose American Flag

I just love a pretty patriotic project and this one turned out even better than I had hoped!! What do you think? I’d love to know if you give this one a try!

Easy Wood Curl Rose American Flag

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