Picture of frame with wire back and pretty picture attached with clothespin.

Picture Frame Flip with a Touch of Farmhouse

So, some people might think I’m a hoarder at times (ahem….my husband) but I’m really not. I’m more of a gatherer. For example, while out on a run recently I saw some perfectly good wire on the sidewalk and I just knew I could use it in a DIY. Turns out I was right and recently decided some of that awesome wire would look perfect in an old, ornate frame I had on hand!!

This process was fairly simple, with the hardest part being taming that stubborn wire that had been in a roll!!

Let me show you all the details…

The first thing to do is distress the frame. I had already painted it for a previous use so all I wanted to do was sand it in order to heavily distress. I use a mouse sander so the process is quick and easy!!

Picture of a large, cream colored frame being distressed with a mouse sander.
Picture of a large, cream color frame that has been distressed with sander.

I decide to “age” the paint and distress just a bit with some Waverly antique wax. I use a baby wipe to wipe the wax on, and then wipe again to remove excess. You can remove more or less of the wax, depending on the look you’re going for.

Picture of Waverly antique wax and baby wipes.

The next thing I’ll do is cut my wire to fit inside the frame. I need to attach the wire inside the frame so that it’s not right up against the wall. I’ll need some space between the wire and wall to attach items with clothes pins.

Picture of gardeners wire laying on top of frame and being cut with wire snips.
Picture of gardeners wire being pressed down inside the frame lip with a pair of snips.

I’ll trim the excess wire all the way around and then press the wire inside the back of the frame. I want as snug as a fit as possible to help keep it in place. I will add hot glue all the way around to help keep the wire in.

Picture of back of frame and hot glue gun adding hot glue to edges.
Picture of back of frame with wire inserted and a bead of hot glue along edge.

Once the hot glue is dry this picture frame flip with a touch of farmhouse is all done!! I’ll be adding Command Strips to mine to hang.

Picture of package of Command Strips.
Picture of the finished frame with wire inserted.
Picture of frame with pretty picture hanging on it and other home decor.
Close-up picture of frame with pretty "gather together" picture hanging on wire with clothespin.

I discovered this is a perfect place to display those beautiful farmhouse calendar pics from Dollar Tree!! The options are limitless with this fun and easy DIY!! I hope you enjoyed!!

Click here to see the video tutorial.


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