Rustic Wood Pedestal Tray DIY

I just love a good tray in my decor, including tiered and pedestal trays. I’m in love with the rustic look, so when I saw this small wood crate at a garage sale for two dollars (woo-hoo!!) I knew it would be perfect to make my own rustic wood pedestal tray just in time for fall.

My $2.00 garage sale treasure!

Here’s what I did!!

The first thing I need to do is wipe it down really well and then give it a good sanding, where all the glorious green color will come to light!! Next, I used my favorite stain(Rustoleum) to darken it just a bit.

After wiping down the box I gave it a good sanding.
I applied a coat of my favorite stain.

Once the stain was dry I decided I would like to lighten areas of my box, so I decided to apply a sort of “white wash.” I did this by using some white acrylic paint (I use this) and adding just a bit of water to make the mixture a little thinner and runnier.

“white wash”

I use a foam brush and brush on my “white wash” and then use a damp cloth to wipe off the excess, leaving the white paint in all the beautiful cracks and crevices!

The paint lands in all the right places!!

Now that have the box looking just the way I like, I need to add some beautiful feet!! I found these cute little candlesticks that I think will be perfect!

The candlesticks just need a little stain and then whitewash to match the box create a rustic pedestal tray!

Now that the legs are finished, all that’s left to do is attach them with some Gorilla glue and the pedestal is all finished!

Rustic wood pedestal tray

She’s all finished and I absolutely LOVE the way she turned out, just look at the beautiful green color coming through!! And…she’s just in time to hold my pumpkins for fall!! I’m so glad you stopped by to catch up! Don’t forget to follow Word and Home on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!!


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