DIY Farmhouse Tiered Tray

Let’s talk about tiered tray, shall we? There are so many beautiful options to purchase, but that beauty comes with a price sometimes upward of sixty dollars. Needless to say, being the thrifty gal that I am, I just can’t make myself click that order button!! Thankfully I’m not only thrifty but also can put together a pretty mean DIY. So, let’s give this farmhouse tiered tray a go!

Supply List

Several months ago I purchased a set of cake pans (7) at a garage sale for 50 cents and I have some left from a previous project (succulent planter) so I’ll be using three of those. I have two candlesticks on hand that came from Hobby Lobby that will be perfect and the paint and glue I already had in my craft stash. Ready to make a farmhouse tiered tray?

cake pans and spray paint

The first thing I need to do is get a coat of spray paint on my pans and candlesticks. I decided not to spray the inside of my pans, just the outside.

After I get a good coat of spray paint on the pans and candlesticks I use my acrylic paints to soften the look. I use the black first so that it will settle in the crevices of the candlesticks. I simply brush on the black paint and wipe off the excess.

Brush on a coat of black acrylic, making sure to get it in the nooks and then with a cloth or paper towel wipe off the excess.

In the final step I brushed on some white paint and blended with my paint brush to soften the color. Now you just set your candlesticks and pans aside to dry completely.

Putting It All Together

Now it’s time to use your E6000 to glue your tallest candlestick into the center of your largest pan. Once the glue is dry, run a bead of glue around the top of your tallest candlestick to attach the second largest pan to the top. This process is a little longer since you need to wait for your glue to dry after each step. Finally you are ready to glue the smallest pan onto the top of your second candlestick.

The candlesticks and cake pans all glued together.

I decided to attach some feet to my farmhouse tiered tray, but this next step is completely optional. I painted my ball knobs that I purchased at Hobby Lobby the same satin granite that I used on the pans and the candlesticks and then glued them to the bottom.

Three tiered farmhouse tray

Now you’re ready for the fun part, styling your tray!! I love how this easy and cheap DIY turned out! This farmhouse tiered tray is so versatile that you can use it year round in your home and it cost a fraction of the price you would spend purchasing it from a store. Happy styling friends and make sure you are following Word and Home on Facebook and Pinterest!!


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