Easy DIY Summer Word Blocks

So, Independence Day is over and I need some cute summer decor to hold me over until fall. Cue these super cute easy DIY summer word blocks!! They are budget friendly and made from scrap wood, perfect right?!?

Here’s All you need for the DIY Summer Word Blocks :

  • 3 scrap pieces of wood (I used 7″, 8 1/2″, and 9″ pieces)
  • Apple Barrel Paints (I used Pink Eraser, Bimini Blue, and Sunny Day)
  • Sanding Block
  • Vinyl lettering or stickers
  • Transfer Paper (makes transferring words to your blocks easier)
  • Tool for applying the letters (I use a bar pan scraper from PC)
These Apple Barrel paints are only 50 cents each!!

I gave each board a good sanding and then painted them. While the paint dries you can focus on your lettering. I used a Cricut to cut my adhesive vinyl letters but you could easily use letter stickers from the craft store.

Vinyl lettering

Finally, you’re ready to apply your letters. I used transfer paper to remove my words from their backing paper and apply to the blocks. One of my favorite tools for these kinds of projects is the Pampered Chef pan scraper, it’s perfect to rub the letters down in order to apply them!!

After applying your letters pull the transfer paper off gently.

Once all of your letters are applied you are almost finished with your easy DIY summer word blocks!! If you like a more distressed look you can use a sanding block to distress the edges. Other than that you are finished! I told you it was an easy project! 🙂

I absolutely LOVE the pop of color these little blocks bring to my decor! Another great feature is that the vinyl can be removed and the blocks repainted to use again for the fall and holidays!! Hope you were inspired friends!

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Ta-Da!! The perfect summer touch!

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