Hey There Pumpkin Dollar Tree Sign

I love a good Dollar Tree find and can’t wait to show you what I did with this one!! I found this cute little metal pumpkin stake and couldn’t resist picking up a couple. Let’s get started on the Hey There Pumpkin Dollar Tree sign!!

Dollar Tree pumpkin sign DIY
Hey There Pumpkin Dollar Tree sign BEFORE

Here’s What I Did.

It’s cute, but I know it can be even better with a little paint!! The graphic above is not painted on, it’s just a glued on piece of paper. The outer edges pull free, but the center is glued pretty effectively so I spray it down with a good coat of Goo Be Gone.

A good coat of Goo Be Gone helps remove the sticker in about 10 minutes.

After the sticker and residue is all gone, the metal pumpkin stake will be ready for some spray paint. I’ll be using a copper color on the leaf (Rustoleum)and linen white on the pumpkin itself. I want to add the words “Hey there Pumpkin” in black, so I will spray a base coat of black spray paint into my pumpkin first.

Let’s add paint and vinyl

Now, while the first coat of paint dries, I can cut the words out of vinyl using my Cricut and stick them on top of the black coat on the pumpkin. Now I can coat the pumpkin again with my linen white chalk paint. I covered my already painted leaf and coil with tape so they didn’t get covered with the linen white color. No worries if you don’t have a Cricut because you can easily use stickers to make words to use on your pumpkin. After my paint is all dry ( I waited a couple of hours to make sure the paint was completely dry) I peeled my vinyl off to reveal my wording.

Painted Dollar Tree pumpkin!!

Finally this little pumpkin is all painted but needs just a little more, so I think I’ll add a messy bow!! I’ll use orange fabric, burlap, and two black and white print fabrics to make my bow.

Messy bow fabric
Messy bow all finished and ready to attach to the Hey There Pumpkin Dollar Tree sign!

Lastly, once my bow is finished I’ll use a little hot glue to attach it to my Hey there pumpkin Dollar Tree sign. When it’s all complete I’ll have spent less than $5.00 since I had the spray paint and vinyl on hand. It’s almost ready to make it’s front porch debut!

Super cute and easy Dollar Tree sign DIY
Hey there pumpkin Dollar Tree sign AFTER

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