Wood Box Centerpiece with Painted Pumpkins

Well friends, summer is coming to an end and it’s time to re-style my farmhouse wood box centerpiece with some painted pumpkins! I use my distressed white farmhouse box that I keep out year round. It’s one of my favorite pieces that my husband made for me.

Since I have an affinity for pumpkins, I’m going to be sprucing up some that I have on hand with different paint colors. I’ll use gray, white, and my new favorite, copper in this wood box centerpiece!! You guys, seriously, this is my absolute new favorite color for the fall and I’ll be using a lot more of it in my decor!! So…let’s start with how I paint my copper pumpkins!

Here’s What I did!

I found this Rustoleum metallic spray paint and thought I’d try it out with my fall palette. Again, I’m so in love with this paint!! First of all, I pop out the plastic stems and set them aside. No worries though, after everything is painted the stems will easily pop back in.

wood box centerpiece with painted pumpkins
Rustoleum Metallic Copper pumpkin

I give the pumpkin a couple of good coats of the copper spray paint and then spray the stem a flat black. After my copper pumpkins are finished I move on to my next color, gray. I use a Waverly matte finish chalk paint that I just brush on, it takes at least two coats to get good coverage.

wood box centerpiece with painted pumpkins
Waverly Chalk Painted Pumpkins

On my gray pumpkins the stems are not easily removable, so I just paint around them. Next, it’s time to work on my white pumpkins and I simply removed their stems and spray them with Rustoleum Chalked Linen White. Easy Peasy!! Once all my pumpkins are painted and dry it’s time to arrange them along with some lambs ear and cotton stems in my box.

One Last Step!!

Before I add everything to my wood box centerpiece I have a little trick I use. I always use plastic bags from the grocery store that I crumple up and place in the bottom of my box to give the objects inside some height.

wood box centerpiece with painted pumpkins
Decorating tip: Add plastic grocery bags to bottom of box

Now it’s time to add all of the goodies! I arrange all of my pumpkins first and then add the lambs ear, two grapevine pumpkin stems, some cotton stems, and some moss to fill the gaps.

wood box centerpiece with painted pumpkins
Farmhouse box filled with painted pumpkins and all finished!

wood box centerpiece with painted pumpkins

All finished and ready for fall!! I hope you were inspired to do some fall decorating in your home! Thanks for following along and don’t forget to follow Word and Home on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!!


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