Dollar General DIY Patriotic Sign

On a recent trip to Dollar General I found the CUTEST napkin for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. I knew I had to use it and at the end of the same aisle I found the perfect little sign for $1.00! Cute AND inexpensive? Count me in!! Let me show you how easy is was to create this Dollar General DIY patriotic sign!

back of Dollar General sign and pack of napkins
Dollar General red truck napkin and sign

Prepping the surface…

The first thing I need to do is prep the surface of the sign with white chalk paint. I’ll be decoupaging a napkin onto the surface of the sign and don’t want the existing words to peek through. I’ll use two coats for full coverage and then sand the surface with a sanding block.

Dollar General sign painted with white Waverly paint
Dollar General sign painted with white Waverly paint and sanded

Decoupaging the napkin…

Now I’ll cover the surface of the sign with Mod Podge and allow it to dry. In the meantime, separate the napkin plys and once the sign surface is dry, position the napkin, cover with parchment paper, and iron.

Dollar General sign with Mod Podge on face
red truck napkin with flag laying on face of sign
small iron ironing napkin on face of Dollar General sign

Finishing up I’ll use a sanding block to sand off the excess napkin on the sides. I also want to darken the wood so I’ll be adding some Waverly Antiquing Wax but if you’re happy with the color this step could be skipped.

edges of napkin being sanded off of sign
Waverly antiquing wax used to darken wood on sign

Lastly, I think we’ll add the cutest little rag bow using some scrap material strips.

strips of torn white, red, and blue patterned material

After I tied the bow together I had an idea to stamp the word “celebrate” onto one of the material strips and I LOVE how it turned out! I used a subtle color, but red or blue ink could be used too! What do you think of this Dollar General DIY Patriotic Sign? I hope you like it as much as I do!

rag bow and stamps used to stamp "celebrate"
finished sign with rag bow and red truck

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