Fall Truck DIY From Hobby Lobby Mark Down

Nothing makes me happier than creating something brand stinkin’ new from a clearance piece!! It just gives me so much satisfaction friends, and if you feel the same I think you will love this DIY!! Let me show you how I created this fall truck DIY from a Hobby Lobby clearance find!!

The clearance find…

fall truck DIY

As soon as I saw this clearance sign I knew it was coming with me, along with a couple of its’ friends!! It’s a great size and it’s perfect to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. The price was great too!! When I find these pieces I always buy several because they are PERFECT to re-make into exactly what you need!!

Now I have to show you the cutest material!! I found this at Walmart and it comes in what they call a fat quarter. It has trucks with pumpkins you guys!! So cute, and it has multiple images on it!

Once my image is chosen I’ll use my scissors to cut it out.

fall truck DIY
fall truck DIY

How cute is this little truck???

Preparing the fall truck DIY surface….

I want to adhere the truck to the surface of the clearance sign much like I do with a napkin (you can see that method here), but first I need to lightly sand it and then add some gray chalk paint.

fall truck DIY

Next, I want to break up the gray just a bit, so I’m going to brush on a little Ivory chalk paint.

Once the paint is dry I’ll use Mod Podge to attach the material to the face of the sign.

fall truck DIY

Because I have my image exactly where I want it, I’ll just lift the corner and spread my Mod Podge, then repeat on the other side. I’ll use a piece of parchment paper and a small iron to heat the area and iron the material on. This step can be skipped, I just want to attach the material as good as possible. Then I’ll cover the image and whole sign face with another coat as well just so there won’t be any shiny areas.

fall truck DIY

The banner…

That’s it for the sign itself, so now we can move on to the next fun addition while it dries!!

For this part I’ll be using four small strips of material (about 3 inched long), a piece of jute string about six inches long, some craft glue, and some hot glue.

fall truck DIY

I’ll take my strips of material and fold them over the jute twine. Then I’ll use craft glue to attach to the twine and hold the pieces together.

fall truck DIY

Trim the pieces to the length you’d like.

fall truck DIY

How cute is this fall truck DIY already?!? I’ll be using hot glue to attach this mini banner to the sign.

Once it’s attached I’ll snip off the ends and then glue them down. It’s almost complete!

This sign is adorable already friends, but I want to add the word “fall” to make it complete!! I have rub-on letters to use but you could stamp or even just write the word on.

fall truck DIY
Fall Truck DIY

How cute did this little fall sign turn out you guys??? I can’t wait to add it to my fall decor! What do you think of this one?


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