How To Transform A Clearance Sign

Hey friends!! This post is ALL ABOUT re-purposing that clearance find into something you LOVE!! You won’t believe how easy it is to transform a clearance sign into just what you need!

Where to find great clearance sign pieces…

My favorite go-to when it comes to clearance is Hobby Lobby. After a season ends you can often find small signs especially for just a couple of dollars!! I snag these whenever I see them. Now of course be sure to check out the clearance aisle in your favorite store because most if not all have one. Also be sure to search in thrift store and at garage sales to find nice wood signs for pennies on the dollar.

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

So I found this piece recently at Hobby Lobby and paid $1.39 for it!! Don’t like cheetahs? Well no worries because they are going to be easily covered and you won’t even know they were there!! Always think outside that decorating box!!

My favorite thing to do is simply cover the face of this surface with scrapbook paper!! This will be a Christmas piece so I’m sticking with that black buffalo check that’s still so popular!!

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

This process is so simple!! I’ll lay my sign down and trace around it onto the backside of the paper, then cut.

Now it’s a perfect fit for the face of the clearance sign. If there are any edges that hang over they can be easily sanded off later.

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

Set the paper aside and cover the face of the sign with a nice thick coat of Mod Podge. Allow it to air dry or dry with a heat tool.

Lay the paper back onto the surface and cover with a piece of parchment paper. Use a mini iron to iron the paper down. The heat from the iron will re-activate the Mod Modge and create a nice smooth surface. This method works wonderfully with material too!! You can see for yourself right here!!

Now we’re ready to make this sign whatever we choose!!

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

I found these mug cutouts out Dollar Tree in the fall section and knew they’d be perfect. I’ll be painting them with an acrylic paint in True Red.

You can see here that the tops need some whipped cream so I’ll be using some white acrylic paint and spackling to create that effect!!

How To Transform A Clearance Sign
How To Transform A Clearance Sign

I’ll mix some paint and spackling together to get a consistency that’s easy to “paint” onto the top of my mug.

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

Next, I’ll just sprinkle some glitter onto the wet spackling.

Now it’s ready to hot glue to my new sign surface!!

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

I did manage to find ONE snowflake in my stash so I’ll hot glue it to my center mug. I’ll use chip board letters to make the word “hot cocoa” and glue them on the sign face with craft glue. Always grab those chipboard letters when you find them on sale or cheap because they are perfect for projects like this!! These were purple but you’ll never know once I paint them. Also, using craft glue instead of hot glue on this part allows me to move my letters exactly where I want them before the glue dries.

How To Transform A Clearance Sign

Lastly, I added a little bakers twine and material strip banner to the top!! I just tied 5 strips to the twine using the sip knot method. Can you believe this started out as a clearance sign friends???

What do you think friends?? I can’t wait for that first cup of hot cocoa!!


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