Dollar Tree Fall Decor DIY

I can feel the coolness of fall creeping in and I know the leaves will be falling soon!! My mind is on all things fall when it comes to my home decor, so when I found this pretty little napkin I knew I had to incorporate it!! I’ll combine it with an inexpensive Dollar Tree sign to create a pretty Dollar Tree fall decor DIY!

Dollar Tree sign, greenery, small white pumpkins, orange print napkin, and blue truck napkin

First up I’ll sand the Dollar Tree sign lightly and then cover it with Waverly chalk paint in white.

Waverly white chalk paint and Dollar Tree sign

Once the paint is completely dry, brush on a coat of Mod Podge and allow it to dry.

Dollar Tree sign painted white and covered with Mod Podge

After the Mod Podge is dry, I’ll lay a pretty napkin ply on top, cover it with parchment paper, and iron it on.

orange print napkin laying on top of Dollar Tree sign
orange napkin being ironed onto Dollar General sign
Dollar Tree sign with orange fall napkin ironed on top

Next I’ll add more Mod Podge where the smaller truck napkin will be placed and allow it to dry. Next, separate the three ply of the napkin, keeping only the top layer and tearing the edges all the way around.. Lay it down and iron it in place.

Dollar Tree sign with orange fall napkin ironed on top and small blue truck napkin laying on top

Adding greenery…

To complete the look I’ll add some greenery and pumpkins to the top!! I have some pretty lambs ear, small pine combs, and a couple small pumpkins I’ll paint and cut in half. This will be the finishing touch on this pretty Dollar Tree fall decor DIY.

Dollar Tree sign with napkins ironed on and greenery glued on top

small white pumpkin cut in half
Waverly chalk paint in the color Dusk

Love fall signs made from inexpensive Dollar Tree pieces?? Check out this pretty acorn hanger!!

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