Easy Dollar Tree Transitional Sign

Don’t you just love a great transitional decor piece? How about one that’s budget friendly too? This one comes from Dollar Tree so you don’t need to spend much money and it would be perfect for a tiered tray! Let me show you how to create this easy Dollar Tree transitional sign that you can use year round in your decor!

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Dollar Tree metal sign

I picked up this little metal sign at Dollar Tree and since both sides look the same I thought it would be perfect for a transitional piece!! I’m doing a couple of things to prep this piece, the first being to remove the “Family” word which turned out to be cardboard. It was attached with glue so I used my heat gun to warm up the glue and pull it off.

metal sign with heat gun applying heat
metal sign with top piece of cardboard being removed.

I’ll use a tool to scrape off the excess glue (this is what I use.) and then attach some neutral scrapbook paper with glue. I want to darken the frame color just a bit, so I’ll wipe on some Espresso stain. If you like the color you can definitely skip this step.

metal sign with top piece of cardboard removed and glue being scraped off.
Dollar Tree metal sign with glue being applied

I’ll be covering both sides to make this sign reversible, adding a gray paper to one side, and white farmhouse style to the other. Once I have the paper on the base is ready!! How EASY was that??

Dollar Tree metal sign with scrapbook paper applied

Creating the attachments…

Now remember, the base is metal so I’m going to use magnets to attach different shapes to the face of the sign. This will make it SO EASY to change shapes out for the holidays. I picked up some different shapes at Dollar Tree and they are going to be so cute when covered with my favorite scrapbook papers.

wood heart being traced onto back of scrapbook paper
Dollar Tree heart with Mod Podge being brushed on
Dollar Tree wood carrots laying on top of orange and white polka dot  paper

I have three shapes from Dollar Tree to use, a heart, carrot, and shamrock. These can be painted but I’m going to cover each with Mod Podge and then scrapbook paper.

Dollar Tree sign with carrot, shamrock, and heart shape

Lastly, I’ll attach a magnet strip to the back of each shape in order to attach to the sign face.

The back of carrot shape with magnet strip applied to back

Y’all, this is it and it’s all finished! So easy and think of all the different Dollar Tree shapes you could add to this one!! If you love a good Dollar Tree make over you don’t want to miss this one!!

Scrapbook paper covered Dollar Tree carrot on face of Dollar Tree sign
Dollar Tree sign with scrapbook paper covered carrot, shamrock, and heart shape

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