Easy spring wood bead bunny

Easy Spring Wood Bead Bunny – DIY Tutorial

Wood beads have quickly become a staple in my craft stash and here’s ANOTHER way to use them in the sweetest little DIY for spring!! This easy spring wood bead bunny comes together pretty quickly and when we combine it with a Dollar Tree wood slice it’s perfect for those spring tiered trays and vignettes!!

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All the supplies…

  • wood beads
  • white or ivory paint
  • felt sheet ( I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby.)
  • Hot glue
  • Dollar Tree wood slices
  • green moss/small flowers
  • wood strip
  • Sharpie/Marker
  • Small white pom poms
  • Ribbon or bakers twine
Waverly chalk ivory chalk paint, Dollar Tree wood slices, wood beads, ivory felt sheet

First up I want to dry brush my wood beads with white or ivory paint. I’m using 20mm and 25mm for this wood bead bunny.

two wood beads dry brushed with ivory paint

Next we need ears on this little guy and that’s where the felt comes in. I have found the best process is to add the ears to the top bead first, and then glue it to the larger bead.

small rectangle ivory felt

Cut a small rectangle about as tall as you’d like the bunny ears. Fold it in half and cut, making two equal sized pieces.

small rectangle of ivory felt cut into two equal sections

Lay one piece on top of the other and cut to the shape of a bunny ear.

two small sections of felt, one laying on top of another
two small sections of felt being cut into the shape of a bunnies ear
two small sections of felt cut into the shape of a bunnies ear

Add a drop of hot glue to the bottom of each ear shape, pinch together and hold to gather.

small felt bunny ear with hot glue on the tip
small felt bunny ear with hot glue on the tip and pinched together
small felt bunny ears inserted into top of wood bead

Insert the felt ears into the top of the bead in the hole. I like to add a drop of hot glue first and the use a wooden skewer or my craft blade to push the tip of the felt into the bead. Once this is done the two beads can be hot glued together.

larger wood bead with hot glue on top

For the final touch glue one of the small pom poms onto the back for a tail. Once the bunny is complete it can be attached to the wood slice.

two wood beads glued together to look like a bunny

Putting it all together…

Finally we can prep our base by gluing some pretty green moss to the Dollar Tree wood slice. I just love this moss and I think the little bunnies are going to be so pretty against the green!

green moss on top of Dollar Tree wood slice

I also have some pretty purple lavender on hand, so I’ll snip a few pieces and glue them into the greenery. I’ll use my finger to work a small spot into the moss and attach each bead bunny to the wood slice.

wood bead bunnies attached to wood slice with green moss and purple lavender flowers

There’s one last detail I want to include and that’s a tiny little directional sign!! I have some wood strips from Hobby Lobby so I’ll take one and cut it into sections to create a sign.

wood strips in a bag
wood strips cut into sections to create a directional sign

This wood is really soft so I can use my snips and easily form a point on each one. I’ll add a little paint and then use a colored marker to add my words. Hot glue all the pieces together and then glue that to the wood slice.

wood strips cut into sections to create a directional sign, then painted
wood strips cut into sections to create a directional sign
wood strips cut into sections to create a directional sign with "bunny trail" written in marker

For a final touch I added some purple bakers twine to match the tiny purple flowers! I think this turned out so sweet!! I’d love to know if you give this one a try!! Be sure to check out this spring tutorial if you’re looking for more inspiration!!

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