Dollar Tree Spring Bunny Make-Over

Spring is in the air, at least it is today here in Oklahoma and Dollar Tree has started stocking the shelves with the cutest spring decor!! I picked up a cute little bunny and carrot sign that I know I can make perfect for my decor using cardboard !! Let’s get started on this Dollar Tree spring bunny make-over!!

Prepping the pieces..

First off I need to separate the pieces by removing the jute on the back. I’ll go ahead and take the bow off the rabbit and carrot too.

Dollar Tree bunny with bow being removed
sign with jute piece being removed from back

Prepping the surface…

Now we’ll bring in the cardboard that I always have on hand!! I plan to cover the rabbit and the carrot with cardboard so I’l trace both onto a piece and then cut out.

bunny being traced on cardboard

To prep the cardboard and add all that wonderful character I’m going to peel the top piece of cardboard away to get something that looks like this.

cardboard bunny with top layer being peeled away
cardboard bunny with top layer being peeled away
cardboard carrot with top layer peeled away

Next I need to hot glue the cardboard cut-out to the face of the bunny and carrot. Then I’ll add some paint to all this wonderful texture!! I’ve chosen Waverly Ivory and I’m just lightly brushing it on.

cardboard bunny being painted with Waverly Ivory paint

I’ll add some Waverly Celery and Waverly Pumpkin paint to the carrot, just lightly brushing each one on. To finish it off I’ll hot glue some whispy greenery to the top and tie and torn strips of ivory material into a knot.

cardboard carrot painted with Waverly Celery and Pumpkin chalk paint and material tied around top

To finish the bunny I’ll add some of the same whispy greenery and a flower to the neck. I’ll also add a cute tail to its bottom using half of a small styrofoam ball wrapped in a strip of the torn ivory material. The flower is from Hobby Lobby and with a little of the Waverly Ivory paint I can lighten the color.

cardboard bunny and yellow flower
bunny tail made from styrofoam ball half and material strip
cardboard bunny and carrot

Finishing the last piece…

There’s one last piece to finish on this Dollar Tree spring bunny make-over. I’m going to combine this one with some Dollar Tree dot stickers and wood letters from Pop Shelf.

Pop Shelf wood letters andDollar Tree beads with part of Dollar Tree sign

Now I’m outlining this piece with the sticker dots and then gluing SPRING onto the face using the wood letters. I’m leaving a space at the end to tie a piece of the torn ivory material.

Dollar Tree sticker dots applied to Dollar Tree sign
Dollar Tree sticker dots and wood letters spelling spring applied to Dollar Tree sign

Once all is glued I’m painting everything with the same Waverly Ivory paint. I’m also taking my strip of material and stamping the word “happy” onto it.

Distress Ink and stamps spelling "happy."
"happy" stamp
happy spring sign

Finally I’ll hot glue some wooden skewer sticks to the back so they can easily be inserted to some greenery for display. I just can’t wait to get these pieces displayed!!

back of sign with wooden skewer glued on
completed bunny and carrot pieces

I just love how these turned out and even better, I was able to recycle some cardboard!! I’m so glad I could share this one with you and I’d love to know what you think!!


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Share and Enjoy !


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