Clearance Hacks – From Holiday To Everyday Use

Did you know most stores have a clearance section, and often just what you need can be found sitting on those clearance shelves?? If you don’t mind adding just a little bit of effort, many clearance pieces can be substituted to save you money!! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite clearance hacks, from holiday to everyday use!!

My Favorite Clearance Hacks!!

  1. Clearance Signs – If you’ve been following along very long you aren’t surprised about this one!! I talk about it all the time!! After a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, these little signs can be found on clearance shelves, often for a $1 or less!! I always pick them up when I see them because I can easily re-purpose them for what I’m needing with some paint and/or scrapbook paper!! But let’s be honest, some of them are so darned cute you can leave them like they are!!

2. Candlesticks – If you see a candlestick on the clearance aisle do yourself a favor and just BUY it!!!

Look at this chunky goodness!!! Candlesticks can be painted, grouped together, used to make a farmhouse pedestal, the possibilities are endless with this kind of a clearance find!! Take a look at this farmhouse pedestal made from clearance/thrifted pieces!!

Clearance Hacks - From Holiday To Everyday Use

3. Ornate Picture Frames – Always snag pretty frames on the clearance aisle!! They are perfect to re-purpose!!

Clearance Hacks - From Holiday To Everyday Use

This piece is in my kitchen right now and I love it because it’s so versatile!! Want a different pic? Easy, just remove and replace!!

4. Metal Decor Pieces – I’m still loving the farmhouse vibe so these chargers definitely caught my eye!!

But……they were on the Easter clearance so I needed to re-vamp them for everyday use. All I needed was a little acetone and some cotton balls and the paint came RIGHT OFF!! I paid .60 cents each for these chargers on clearance at Hobby Lobby so they were a GREAT find!!

Last, but not least….

5. Seasonal Wood Bead Garlands – Wood beads are still popular and I always grab them on clearance!!

I love to have extra wood beads on hand, and even if they are already painted a holiday color, you can paint them any color you need!! This is just one way to use those wood beads, learn how to make a cute ornament with wood beads here!!

There you have it, five of my favorite clearance hacks!! I hope finding a good clearance excites you as much as it does me!! Happy hunting friends!!


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