DIY American Flag Spindles – Patriotic Decor

I’ve had these spindles for a while now, sometimes sitting nicely in a basket, or just in a vignette. I decided recently that they can be SO MUCH MORE and how cute would they be with flags??? Today I want to share the very simple process, from just plain spindles to DIY American flag spindles!!

Supplies needed….

You’ll need spindles of course and I just cut the ends off of each of these spindles to make them even.

Next, I gave both spindles a good coat of flat white spray paint.

I LOVE the distressed look, so I can’t let these spindles go without a little love from the sander!!

There!! Isn’t that SO MUCH BETTER??

We can’t forget to drill holes in the top of the spindles to hold three flags!!

Now I need to create a base. These square pieces of wood measure 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches approximately. I’ll stain them with my very favorite color, Minwax Espresso!!

Once the stain is dry I’ll use a drop of hot glue and some wood glue to attach the spindles to the bases.

Our DIY American flag spindles are coming right along!!! After the wood glue is dry I’ll go ahead and add a nail to the bottom of the base, but this step is not a necessity.

The last thing to do is trim the sticks on the flags I’ll be using. These could be left longer if desired.

Once the flags are in place this project is complete!! What do you think?? I hope you loves these spindles as much as I do!!


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