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Spring is coming and I can’t wait!! Dollar Tree has some cute spring and Easter decor, including these wire carrots that will make a great wire form for this DIY Dollar Tree boho style Carrot project. I’m going to combine it with material strips, ribbon, and odds and ends to create a pretty, neutral piece for spring!!

torn strips of material
spools of ivory ribbon

Prepping the carrot frame…

First up I’ll spray paint the carrot frame. It’s orange and this step could probably be skipped if necessary. I just think it will make it a little easier to cover if painted white.

Dollar Tree wire framed carrots painted white

Once the paint is completely dry I’ll start wrapping the material strips and hot gluing. I’m starting with some tea stained material that I’ve torn into thin strips. Just continue to wrap and glue until you have a good base coverage.

carrot frame being wrapped with ivory material strips

I’ll also be adding in some material strips with a little color, just using a few here and there. By the time I’m finished wrapping only small sections of the color will be visible since my goal is a more neutral look.

carrot frame being wrapped with ivory and orange checked material strips
carrot frame being wrapped with ivory, orange checked, and black material strips

When I say I used “odds and ends” that means I just looked in my stash and found ribbon and material that would work. I even used some thicker, jute like ribbon that you can see below.

carrot frame wrapped with ivory, orange check, and black material strips

Now that my base is covered I want to add some texture by using some different kinds of ribbon (including this rick rack) from my stash. All the ribbon shown comes from Hobby Lobby.

ivory rik rak being wrapped around carrot

I just LOVE the rose ribbon and the little tassels!!

wire framed carrot wrapped in material and ribbon

Finishing the top…

Next we need to cover the top of the carrot so I’m using some of the tea stained material strips to finish it up and I have some raffia that I’ll cut into shorter strips and tie in knots around a small section of the top.

sections of raffia being tied in knots around top of carrot

Now that the raffia is tied around, I like to pull the sections apart to make thinner, wispier pieces.

strip of ivory material being wrapped and glued around top of carrot
strip of ivory material being wrapped and glued around top of carrot
strip of ivory material being wrapped and glued around top of carrot

Finally I’ll wrap a single material strip close to the top and tied it in a knot. I love how everything came together and I’m pleasantly surprised with the boho effect!!

carrot frame covered with material strips

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