Easy Dollar Tree Bunny Gnome Banner

Hey there!! Have you been into your Dollar Tree lately?? They have started to stock Easter and oh my goodness, the cuteness!!! I found the SWEETEST bunny gnome banner that I’m going to combine with a Dollar Tree burlap banner to create an easy Dollar Tree bunny gnome banner. It is going to be so sweet on my mantle!!

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  • Dollar Tree Burlap Banner (Mini Burlap Shaped Flags)
  • Dollar Tree Bunny Gnome Easter Garland
  • Torn Material Strips
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Hot Glue/Glue Gun
  • Half Wood Beads
  • Blush
Dollar Tree burlap banner and bunny gnome banners

First up add some paint to each the burlap flags, not completely covering, just slightly. I did not have any problem with paint bleeding through but be mindful just in case.

Burlap banner being painted with white paint

Next remove each of the bunny gnomes from the garland string and attach a half bead to the nose of each one with hot glue.

Dollar Tree bunny gnome

How stinkin’ cute are these little guys???

Dollar Tree bunny gnomes with half beads for noses

Now to cover the holes in the top by simply feeding the material strip through each one and tying in a bow.

torn strips of materials
material pushed through holes on top of bunny gnome
material pushed through holes on top of bunny gnome and tied in bow

Finishing up…

Finally we’re ready to hot glue the gnomes onto the burlap banner and add a little color to those noses!! If you love glitter and bling you could easily add that to these little guys too!!

Hot glue being applied to back of bunny gnome
bunny gnome glues to burlap banner
bunny gnome with nose bring painted white

Add a little paint and blush.

blush being applied to nose of bunny gnome
finished Dollar Tree bunny gnome banner

Now that we’ve added a little pink blush to the tip of the nose to finish off the look of this sweet little gnome banner and it’s all ready to hang!! Not bad since I only spent $2.50 at Dollar Tree to create this easy Dollar Tree bunny gnome banner! I hope you were inspired with this one!!

finished Dollar Tree bunny gnome banner

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