Dollar Tree Spring Beaded Garland

Valentine’s Day is over and I’m ready for some sunshine friends! I need some bright pops of color to bring me out of this winter hibernation and this little Dollar Tree spring beaded garland will brighten things up around here!!

This garland isn’t your standard wood bead garland though!! I found these little pearls at Dollar Tree in two different sizes, 14 mm and 10mm. I didn’t have the wood beads that I would normally use on hand, so I decided to give these a try.

Dollar Tree spring beaded garland

Let’s talk about the materials you’ll need.

  • pearls from Dollar Tree (1 14 mm package and 1 10 mm package)
  • Spray paint color of your choosing
  • thin wire to string your pearls for painting
  • string
  • small wood slice
Dollar Tree spring beaded garland

When I was ready to paint, I used a long piece of thin floral wire to string the beads on and then attached the ends of the wire to sticks that I could put into the ground and hold the beads up while I sprayed them.

My only concern was how these pearls would do with spray paint. Thankfully they did wonderfully and the paint coverage looks great! I’ll be using a flat white for the smaller beads, and Satin Summer Squash for the larger beads.

Typically I use a jute or thicker string for a garland, but these pearls are just a little smaller so I needed to use a thinner string. I’ll double the string by cutting a 50″ long piece and folding it over (making the garland 25″), making sure not to cut where I fold it over. I’ll use the folded end to attach a small wood slice to the end of the garland.

Use the folded end of your string to insert into the drilled hole on the wood slice. You’ll pull the string tight and then begin stringing your beads.

Dollar Tree spring beaded garland

Once all the beads are on the string I’ll add a tassel to the end. You can watch the tutorial here on how to make your own. The very last step is optional, I’m going to paint the wood slice and add a bunny.

I’ll be using Apple Barrel Sunny Day to paint just to edge of the wood slice, and then add a little rub on bunny.

Dollar Tree spring beaded garland

All in all I LOVE this little garland!! The best part is that the pearls are an alternative to the wood beads I would usually use. I love that this little Dollar Tree spring beaded garland is already adding a little cheer to my kitchen!

I’m so glad you were able to stop by! Be sure to keep checking in and follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube!!



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