Faux Flower Arrangements – 4 Easy DIY Styles

If you’re thinking about adding some pretty color to your home for spring this post is for you friend!! I have found the prettiest faux flowers recently and I’m ready to share four EASY (but gorgeous!!) ways to add faux flower arrangements to your home without breaking the bank!!

Dollar General pink and orange flowers

Dollar General Style…

First up, let’s talk about the spring flowers I found at Dollar General!! Their flowers literally stopped me in my tracks when I popped in there to grab a few things. This particular store had separated these beautiful flowers into bins of like colors and they were so pleasing to the eye I wanted to buy them all!! Genus marketing on their part, but the flowers really spoke for themselves!! Here are the flowers I purchased after forcing myself to only buy four bouquets!!

Dollar General pink and orange flowers

I fell in love with this color and purchased two different varieties to use in my arrangement. These will go on my mantle and I found containers at Dollar General as well!!

Dollar General white and gold vase

I think this piece is intended for a candle, but it’s big enough for a vase so I’m re-purposing for that!! I’ll take a cut down piece of floral styrofoam from Dollar Tree and push it down into my container. Now all I need to do is cut my stems down and insert them into the styrofoam. I find it easier to poke a hole with a skewer and then add the stems.

Dollar General white and gold vase with green floral styrofoam inside
Dollar General white and gold vase with green floral styrofoam inside

I’m using two bouquets that are $5 each, along with some greenery I have in my stash. I love this one so much I’ll be making two that will be displayed on either end of my mantle on top of book stacks.

Target Style…

Secondly, I have to talk about these gorgeous tulips from Target!! At a $1 each they are a steal because these pretties are really great quality and can be used for years! I purchased six in order to make a small bouquet and of course, wish I had bought more!! I’m combining them with a rustic container from Hobby Lobby and some Dollar Tree moss to create a really pretty spring look.

pink tulips from Target
rustic container with moss inside

To hold the tulips up right and together, I’ll use a rubber band and then just insert the stems down into the moss for support. Just insert as much moss around the stems as needed.

pink tulips inside rustic container

I think I’m the most amazed at how realistic the tulips in the arrangement look!! Still some of my favorite faux flower finds!!

Dollar Tree Style…

Finally, I want to show you this arrangement from Dollar Tree. These flowers may not look as realistic or pretty as the Target and Dollar General selections, BUT I love the color and think they will look perfect in the Dollar Tree container I created!!

Dollar Tree pink flowers

I created an easy little rustic vase using all things Dollar Tree and I was pleasantly surprised to find the flowers there too!! If you’d like to learn how I made the vase you can watch the tutorial video here. I’ll insert a styrofoam form from Dollar Tree and then insert the cut down stems into it to create the pretty little piece.

Dollar Tree pink flowers in rustic container

This piece is the most budget friendly of all, coming in under seven dollars!! It has a boho vibe and I think will be perfect for centerpieces at special occasions!!

Dollar Tree pink flowers in rustic container

Walmart Style…

Last but not least, I want to show you is a combination of Walmart flowers and a Dollar Tree container. This one is a happy coincidence because the flowers look like they are made for this pretty pink bucket!

Dollar Tree flowers and garden pink bucket
Walmart Ranunculus bush

After finding this pretty faux Ranunculus bush at Walmart, I will never fail to check the flower section again! It caught my eye immediately and I’m so glad I saw it!! To create this arrangement I’ll simply add some floral foam to the container and insert the flowers, along with some Eucalyptus greenery I already had.

Walmart Ranunculus bush inside pink container

How pretty are these flowers combined with this sweet little container?? It just screams spring!!

faux flower arrrangements

I love using pretty faux flower arrangements AND real flowers in my home. The advantage of faux flowers is obviously they can be used for years and when their budget friendly, why not?? I hope you were inspired friend and I’d love to know if and how you use faux flowers in your home.

More great ways to use faux flowers in your decor!!


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