Dollar General Favorite Decor Finds

When it comes to shopping options, one store I have PLENTY of is Dollar General. I used to think it was just good for a “last minute” option when I needed something fast. Boy was I wrong!! When I started taking my time and looking at everything they have I was shocked by what I found!! They have really upped their game the last couple of years and they’ve added some great decor options. So today I’m sharing some of my favorite Dollar General decor finds!!

My Favorites!!

1. Dish Towels

I’m always looking for inexpensive dish towels, especially for different seasons and holidays!! Dollar General is a great place to find those for $1-$2 and they are perfect for gift giving too!! Not only are they perfect for your home decor, they make wonderful gifts for wedding showers and housewarming parties!! Here’s a GREAT way to gather and gift them!

Dishtowel with red, gold, and blue flower pattern

2. Inexpensive Signs

Dollar General is a great place to find inexpensive sign decor for your home! They often have metal AND wood signs to choose from!

metal sign that reads "open"

How cute would this be in the kitchen!! Of course the other side reads CLOSED which is perfect for the after dinner hours!!

wood sign that reads "It's All About Family"

I find lots of signs like this one, perfect for a gallery wall or any wall in your living space AND under $10 too!!

3. Kitchen Wares

Glasses and bowls, can you have too many? Dollar General has a great selection of bowls just like these for summer and they are heavy duty, not plastic. Plus, $2 is a great price!!

glass bowls with cherry and strawberry pattern
dishcloth set of 4 for $3
gray and blue flex tray packs
drinking glasses marked $1

These glassware pieces are nice too, and heavier duty as well!!

4. Artificial Flowers

Y’all, can I just tell you how impressed I am with the fall flowers I’ve recently spotted in Dollar General? These colors are just amazing and at $5 a bunch I couldn’t resist buying some!!

artificial flowers in cream, pink, orange, and blue colors marked $5 a bunch

I’ll be honest, I’m planning on going back for more of these beauties!! How pretty will these be in a fall arrangement?!?

5. Home Decor

The last on my list is miscellaneous home decor but it’s certainly NOT least!! Dollar General has a great selection of baskets for storage, wood trays, wall hangings, and candle sticks just to name a few!!

decorative storage basket marked $16
woods trays marked $6 and $8
white wall hanging marked $15
gray distressed candlestick
3 artificial succulents marked $12
wood bottle carrier marked $10

What do you think? Do you have a favorite that I shared? I’d love to know some of your favorite Dollar General decor finds!!


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