Easy Wood Bead Loop Garland DIY

Wood beads have been popular for a while AND they seem to still be going strong!! One thing I love is their versatility and how inexpensive they are. I always have wood beads on hand (I buy in bulk!!) so this wood bead loop garland was easy and quick to put together!! It showcases the versatility of these fabulous wood beads because you can paint them ANY color you like!!

My supplies…

  • 20 mm wood beads (17 total)
  • Dollar Tree Floral wire (26 gauge)
  • Paint
  • Walmart Christmas Tag
  • Ribbon for Bow (About 31 inches in length)

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The first thing I’m going to do is paint my beads. For this particular beaded loop I’m using Apple Barrel Bright Red and Tiffany blue from my friend Nicole over at A Frayed Knot. I typically add some water to my paint to thin it down and then submerge my beads for a bit. Then I put them on a skewer to dry.

Floral wire, red and blue beads, and spools of ribbon

I have to say that I’m loving these colors together even though they aren’t classic Christmas colors. I think they’re going to look great with the ribbon I’ve chosen too!! Once the beads are completely dry I’ll take a length of wire (I like to double my wire.) and string the beads onto it.

Dollar Tree floral wire, painted wood beads, and spools of ribbon
painted wood beads held in a hand
painted wood beads strung on wire

Once the beads are all strung onto the wire I just twist the ends together.

painted wood beads strung on wire

Making the Bow…

I’m using about a 31 inch length of ribbon I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I want to keep this bow on the smaller side so it will have 4 loops.

ribbon gathered into a bow with four loops

Secure the loops with a piece of jute and then dove tail the ends of both tails. To attach the bow to the wood bead loop I’ll use a piece of string. I’ll run it through my small Walmart tag, then around the bow, then tie it to the bead loop.

ribbon gathered into a bow with four loops
wood beaded garland with bow attached
wood beaded garland with bow attached

I loved this so much I couldn’t just make one so I made one for fall too!! These are so easy to create and they will make changing your seasonal decor a snap!! If you enjoy using wood beads as much as me, don’t miss this Christmas ornament!! Scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the short video tutorial!!

wood beaded garland with black buffalo check bow attached


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