Mini Cutting Board DIY Budget Friendly Gift

Any Aldi shoppers out there?? I find LOTS of great food deals there, but did you know they have inexpensive home decor too?? This pack of 4 mini cutting boards was about $6.00, making them about $1.50 each!! I knew they would be great for gifting throughout the year, but for fall and Christmas especially!! Come join me as I create a mini cutting board DIY budget friendly gift!!

Package of 4 Aldi mini wood cutting boards

I’m keeping this one fairly simple and I’ll start by painting the center of each cutting board with white chalk paint. Each cutting board has a square or rectangle etched in the center, making this part easy.

2 Aldi mini wood cutting boards with painted centers

After each center is painted I’ll use a sanding block to distress the paint a bit.

Aldi mini wood cutting boards with centers painted being sanded

Dollar Tree Rub-Ons

I know I want to add wording, but I want to make it a quick process. I remembered some Dollar Tree rub-ons that I had in my stash so I pull those out and discover they’ll be perfect!! If you haven’t given these rub-ons a try you should!! They work perfectly for projects just like this one!!

Package of Dollar Tree rub-ons
Dollar Tree rub-ons laying on top of Aldi mini cutting board
Aldi cutting boards painted with rub-ons added

Even if you stopped right here, you have the CUTEST projects that are budget friendly!! We are going to go one step further with our mini cutting board DIY budget friendly gift and add a super cute bow!!

ribbon sections gathered up to create a bow

I’m using small sections of ribbon, about 5 1/2 to 6 inches long, and raffia. I pinch each ribbon section in the middle and stack them on top of one another, finishing the top off with some raffia. I tie jute string around the center and then dove tail the ends. This ribbon came from an Easter clearance bow that I disassembled to use for this project and it works perfectly!!

Aldi mini cutting board with rub ons and bow added
Aldi mini cutting board with rub ons and bow added

I just love these little boards so much!! They would be great for hostess gifts, housewarming, or even a fun girl’s night craft!! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial friend!! Let me know if you enjoyed and plan on trying it for yourself!!


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