Simple DIY Outdoor Patriotic Centerpiece

Need a great last minute centerpiece for outside?? I wanted something on my patio, but the Oklahoma wind is relentless so it had to be something durable that could sustain being blown off of a table!! I found these cute flower market buckets at Dollar Tree and they have a GREAT vintage feel that I just love and will be great to create a simple DIY outdoor patriotic centerpiece. Plus, if they get blown around they are durable enough to stay in one piece!!

I’m going to combine the buckets with some coffee stained American flags to create simple arrangements I can use on my patio for the Fourth of July!!

Packs of American flags

I bought three packages of 4 X 6 inch flags at Hobby Lobby for a total of 12 flags. I wanted to age them a bit, so I submerged them in coffee and let them sit for about 15 minutes.

American flags submerged in coffee

While the flags are soaking, place a piece of floral foam in the bottom of the bucket. Once the flags are dry just insert them into the foam. I used 8 flags.

Dollar Tree bucket with floral foam inserted
American flags stuck into floral foam in bucket

Add Spanish moss on top of the foam block. Mine fit in tightly without glue, but you might want to secure with hot glue.

American flags stuck in top of bucket with Spanish moss

I decided I wanted a little more color, so I added some greenery from Hobby Lobby. These sprigs can be found on the wedding aisle, His & Her brand.

greenery bundle

Such an EASY way to add a pretty arrangement for the Fourth!! I always love to see the pops of green against the red, white, and blue!! If you LOVE patriotic decor be sure to see what I created with a Dollar Tree bottle cap!! Let me know what you think and if you decorate for the Fourth of July!!


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