Wood Bead Christmas Ornament

Hey friends!! We’re celebrating Christmas in July over here so I thought I’d share a cute ornament that offers a different way to use those wood beads that we all love!! Let’s get started on this wood bead Christmas ornament!!

Here’s what I’ll be using.

  • wood beads ( I use these from Foraineam 200pcs 20mm Natural Wood Beads – Amazon)
  • thin wire
  • wood circle cut-out ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for .67)
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • wood word cutouts
  • scrapbook paper
  • black/white acrylic paint
  • ribbon
  • craft glue
  • jute
  • drill to drill the hole in the top for hanging

The first thing I’ll do is drill the hole and then give my circle a good coat of spray paint. I found this little cutout at Hobby Lobby in the craft section for .67 cents.

wood bead Christmas ornament

Once the paint is dry I’ll trace around the circle onto a piece of scrapbook paper, cut the circle out, and then glue the paper to the circle.

wood bead Christmas ornament

Set the circle aside to dry and gather the wood beads, I’ll be using 19 beads for this circle. For this ornament I’ll be leaving the beads natural, but painting them is an option. You can see an ornament with painted beads here. You may need more or less, depending on the size of your circle. String your beads on thin wire like this.

Twist your wire together to secure and then lay your bead ring on top of the wood circle to make sure it’s just on the outside edge. Add a bead of hot glue around the outside edge of the circle and then attach your bead ring.

Next you will paint and attach your wood word. These words came from Hobby Lobby in the sticker section and already have adhesive on the back, but I’ll be using a little craft glue to make sure they attach well.

wood bead Christmas ornament

The very last think to do is add a simple bow and the jute string for hanging. Use wire snips or scissors to cut off the wire ends. Feed the ribbon through the hole and tie a bow.

The last thing to do is add the jute hanger. I’ll slip the jute string through the ribbon on the back side of the circle, then use a toothpick to add a drop of glue.

wood bead Christmas ornament

I think this little wood bead Christmas ornament turned out so cute and festive and can’t wait to see it hanging on my tree in December!! What do you think?



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