Practical Housewarming/Wedding Gift

Spring may bring warmer weather and flowers, but it often brings wedding showers too!! This gifting DIY is perfect to buy ahead so you’re prepared for showers and even housewarming parties! The best part is that this little dish towel project creates a practical housewarming/wedding gift!!

My goal is too stay as close to $20 as possible for this one. If you can begin gathering dish towels in January you’ll have a great selection. I wanted to have a towel for each month representing the season or holiday, but I ended up with several that could be used for ANY month.

Gathering the Dish Towels…

I found dish towels at Dollar Tree (They really have some CUTE seasonal dish towels!!), Dollar General, and Walmart. The dish towels from Dollar Tree are $1.25 and I picked some up at Walmart and Dollar General for about $1.00. I found my last four towels at Walmart and couldn’t resist, even though they were $2.24 each, but still not too bad!!

three dish towels spread out with a "bee happy" dish towel on top

Look at these cute Dollar Tree choices!! I LOVED the bright colors!! They are so cheery for a kitchen!

Colorful Dollar Tree dish towels spread out on a table top

Pretty Packaging…

Once you have 12 dish towels chosen, you’ll need a way to gift them. I found the cutest box at Dollar General for $2.00 and it’s perfect for a wedding shower!! I’m rolling these towels and assembling them into rows. Keep in mind the thicker the dish towels you purchase, the more space you’ll need in a box.

A box with "Let love grown" printed in gold on top
A Dollar Tree dish towel being rolled up
A Dollar Tree dish towel completely rolled up
A rolled up dish towel sitting in the corner of a pink box
Four dishtowels rolled up inside of a box

I had three rows of four in my box when I was finished. Add a card and tie it up with a ribbon for a sweet and practical housewarming/wedding gift!!

A box with rolled dish towels and a wedding card on top
The top of a "let love grow" box tied up with yellow baker's twine

I just loved this gifting idea so much I had to share!! This would be perfect to keep on hand for spring wedding showers or housewarming gifts to celebrate a friends new home!! Let me know what you think about this idea!! Do you think you’ll try it?? This won’t be my last dishtowel box I’m sure!!


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