Apple Barrel black acrylic paint

An Easy Clearance Sign Makeover

Who LOVES a super easy clearance sign makeover?!? This girl does and I hope you do too!! Check out this Welcome sign I picked up in the Easter clearance at Walmart!! It was $16.98 and I picked it up for $4.24!! That’s a deal you just can’t walk away from!!

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Here’s the clearance sign fresh from the clearance rack. I don’t hate the color, but envision something different!! Never walk away from a clearance piece you love because of a simple element that can be easily changed!

a price tag of $16.98 on the back of a sign

I liked the sign as it was, but really wanted something more neutral for my space. A problem that could be easily fixed with PAINT!! I grabbed my acrylic black paint and covered the existing color EASILY with just one coat! Woo-hoo!!!

Apple Barrel black acrylic paint

I used a smaller paint brush, but still had the paint color covered in less than 15 minutes!! Such an easy transformation!!

view of welcome sign with partially painted black section

Seriously, this EASY!! I can’t wait to get this one on the wall!!

And that’s it!! A great addition to my gallery wall for under $5.00!! What do you think?? Not a bad day in the clearance section friends! If you love clearance make overs don’t miss this one!! I’ll see you next time!!


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