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One of my favorite recent Dollar Tree finds has to be these self adhesive wall tiles!! I’ve used these for so many projects and I only have ONE left, so I know this project has to be good!! So for this one I’ll be creating a Dollar Tree faux vintage tin tile that I envision using on a gallery wall!

The surface…

I have the Dollar Tree tile, but I also need a surface. I found this framed sign in the Hobby Lobby Easter clearance and LOVE the frame just as it is!! Side note, if you’re unable to find the tiles in Dollar Tree, they can be purchased in bulk online.

Clearance Hobby Lobby Easter sign with brown frame

I will not be changing the frame and have decided to just “pop” the tile into it to use. Easy peasy!!

Prepping the tile…

I’ll be using the Waverly chalk paint on the tile but I won’t be giving it a complete coverage because I want it to look aged and distressed. First, I’ll need to cut the tile down to fit inside the frame.

Dollar Tree tile with a pen mark
Dollar Tree tile laying on top of paper trimmer
Dollar Tree tile laying on top of paper trimmer with a section cut off of it
Dollar Tree tile unpainted laying inside of brown frame

Now I’m ready to add my white chalk paint to the tile.

Dollar Tree tile being painted white with paint brush
Dollar Tree white painted tile with Waverly white chalk paint in background

Finally, to give it an aged look I’ll use some Distress Ink in the color Black Spot. I’ll just rub the ink block onto some of the high spots on the tile.

Dollar Tree white painted tile with Distress Ink block on top
Distress Ink pad laying on top of Dollar Tree white painted tile

I’ll use some adhesive squares on the back of the tile to help hold it in the clearance frame and then just pop it in! I just LOVE this frame color!! Clearance signs are always a great find and make great projects just like this ONE!!

I’m just in love with this piece and wish I had even more tiles! I could just imagine four of these pieces together on a wall!! What do you think? Would this piece ever find its way onto your wall?? Let me know what you think!!


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