Easy Faux Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies

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Tis’ the season for gingerbread and these faux cookies are FUN and EASY to create!! The best part? No calories!! Seriously though, they look so realistic no-one will ever guess these faux gingerbread snowflake cookies are made from clay!!

I LOVE using the Cra-Z-Art Modelite(check out these peppermints!!) but recently a friend recommended this BOHS foam clay and it is a dream to use!! For this project I’ll be using brown, and the color is perfect for gingerbread projects!

BOHS Foam Clay in package - Brown color

Prepping the clay…

I did find that working with this clay for a bit before using seems to make a big difference in the texture. It’s a bit sticky when you first remove it from the package, but if you’ll roll it around and into a ball before rolling it out it becomes much easier to use.

Brown BOHS Foam Clay between fingers
Brown BOHS Foam Clay rolled out flat with a snowflake cookie cutter being pressed in

Using your favorite cookie cutters…

Once the clay is rolled out (not too thin, you’ll want it a little thicker) you are ready to cut shapes. I’m using snowflakes but you can use any shape you’d like.

Brown BOHS Foam Clay roll inside a snowflake cookie cutter
Snowflake shape made from BOHS clay in brown

This clay can be a little difficult to remove but you can use your finger to push it through or a little spongy tool like shown in the above picture. I also used cornstarch to help make them release a little easier which gave them an effect I really like. Once the shapes are all cut lay them out to dry overnight.

Stack of clay snowflakes stacked up and dried

Adding the details…

I’m using Tulip Puffy paint to add the snowflake details, along with some Diamond Dust for a sparkle!!

Tulip Puffy Paint in white
Tulip Puffy paint being applied to top of clay snowflake
Tulip Puffy paint being applied to top of clay snowflake
Tulip Puffy paint on top of clay snowflake
Clay snowflake with Tulip paint on top and Diamond Dust being added
Easy Faux gingerbread snowflake cookie all finished with paint and Diamond Dust

I used several different sizes and styles of snowflake cookie cutters. I think mixing up the styles add a nice effect if you’re using the shapes on a project. I’m adding these to a wreath that I’m creating using a piece of cardboard.

Clay snowflakes glued to a cardboard ring to create a wreath

I’ll use hot glue to attach a bottom layer of cookies to the cardboard ring, and then stack more cookies on top attaching with hot glue again. Attach as many cookies as you like until you get the look you’re looking for. I added a pretty bow on the bottom and a Command Strip on the back to hang.

This project turned out so beautiful and I may to need to add a “Don’t Eat” label!! It’s so realistic you’re friends won’t believe it!! Let me know if you plan on making these easy faux gingerbread snowflake cookies for yourself!

Clay snowflakes glued to a cardboard ring to create a wreath
Clay snowflakes glued to a cardboard ring with bow added to create a wreath

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