Easy Wood Bead Faux Candy

I LOVE that some of my crafting supplies are so versatile!! I always keep wood beads in my stash and continually find different ways to use them!! Come with me and see how I’m going to use them for the holidays by making easy wood bead faux candies!!

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25 mm wood beads being held in a hand

For this particular project I’m using 25 mm wood beads and you can find those here. These are a perfect size to replicate candy!!

a wood bead painted Anita's Fuscia pink

First I need to paint my beads and for that I’m using Anita’s acrylic paint in Fuscia and Crimson Red.

A bottle of Mod Podge and a wood bead painted pink and covered with Mod Podge

Next up I’ll coat the painted beads with Mod Podge or glue and roll them in Diamond Dust or glitter. If you’re using Diamond Dust please be very careful as it can easily cut you.

Beads painted and covered in Diamond Dust, then sprayed with spray glue

The final step is to spray the beads with a spray glue to help hold the Diamond Dust in place.

Wrap it up…

Now I want to make these beads look like candy so I’m going to wrap each bead in a small rectangle of cellophane and secure it with hot glue.

pink wood bead laying on a rectangle of cellophane and hot glue being applied
a pink bead wrapped in cellophane to look like candy

This is all there is to it!! Faux candy fast and easy to create and display for the holidays, or any time of year!! These faux peppermints were fun to create too!!

pink beads wrapped in cellophane to look like candy
pink beads wrapped in cellophane to look like candy sitting in a white bowl

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