DIY Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer

December is here and it’s time to decorate and create all things Christmas!! I have seen so many cute little decor DIY’s lately, including the little deer that are EVERYWHERE!! Recently, I spotted some little wooden deer on Birch Lane that I just know will be cute made from wine corks!! I am really excited to show you this project, so let’s get started on this DIY wine cork Christmas reindeer!!

Here what you will need!

  • two wine corks
  • small, thin sticks
  • hot glue/gun
  • drill and small drill bit
  • small red and brown pom
  • ribbon of your choice
DIY Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer

The very first thing to do is choose two wine corks and use a serrated knife to shorten one of them.

Next, cut four lengths of sticks approximately the same length. Then, use the drill to make small holes in order to attach the “legs.” I also use a small dab of hot glue in the hole to secure the legs.

DIY Wine Cork Reindeer

Once the legs are on, it’s time to attach the head. Use a small stick (a little thicker and shorter than what was used for the legs) to join the head to the body. Again, you will use the drill to make a hole in the bottom of the head cork and a hole in the top of the body where you will place your stick.

DIY Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer

Finally it’s time to add your “antlers” to the deer. I have two small sticks with a “V” from my backyard that I’ll use. Just follow the same steps that were used for the legs in order to attach the “antlers.” Now all that needs to be done is to hot glue your red pom on for the nose and a brown pom for the tail. The last thing to do is tie on a small piece of ribbon for a scarf.

DIY Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer
DIY Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer

All finished and it is a fraction of the price of retail!! You guys I’m loving the way this little DIY wine cork Christmas reindeer turned out!! I can’t wait to add it to a Christmas vignette! Thanks for stopping by and make sure you are following along on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!!


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