Merry Christmas Farmhouse Box

Hey all!!

So…..Christmas is rapidly approaching and everything is ready except my farmhouse box….eek!!! I don’t want to buy anything extra to use in it, so I’ll improvise with what I have on hand! Are you ready to see how I make the Merry Christmas Farmhouse box?

This is what I have on hand to use:

  • banner from Walmart that I had purchased to use on the tree but didn’t ( $1.48)
  • Various Christmas greenery from a previous project
  • A few new Christmas picks purchased from Hobby Lobby but never used last year
  • 4 pieces of floral foam from previous projects
Merry Christmas farmhouse box

The first thing I need to do is attach my “Merry Christmas” banner to the front of my box. I used hot glue to attach it, and since my box is distressed already I’m not too worried about any paint being removed when I take it off.

Merry Christmas farmhouse box

Now that my banner is attached and smoothed out I can move on to filling the box with the Christmas greenery. But first, I simply place my foam pieces in the bottom of the box.

Merry Christmas farmhouse box
Merry Christmas farmhouse box

I start with my evergreen looking pics and place them sporadically in the box. Then I alternate between the remaining pics until I’m satisfied with the result.

Merry Christmas farmhouse box
Merry Christmas farmhouse box

Once the Merry Christmas farmhouse box is complete, it’s ready to display!! I think it pairs nicely with my glittered deer! This is such an easy project, but the finished project looks so pretty people won’t believe how easy it was!!

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