Versatile After Christmas Clearance Finds

I LOVE to shop after Christmas clearance finds, how about you? I buy lots of things to use at Christmas next year, but did you know there are LOTS of pieces you can use during the winter and year round?? So many great finds to be had and today I’m sharing the line-up of my favorite versatile after Christmas clearance finds!

Christmas Clearance Finds

On the top of my list is greenery, since I love snagging it at a low, low price to use next year! I’ll pick up these two flocked wreaths for about $6.30 each. I’ll buy two for the price of one at the regular price. BUT, I also spot the pretty lamb’s ear wreath for $10.00 and it can definitely be used year round!! Score!!

22 inch lamb's ear wreath from Walmart

Of course I have to include gift bags since they are a GREAT addition to anyone’s stash! I love looking for not only the obvious Christmas gift bag, but ones that are solid colors or patterns. You can use these for all occasions like Valentine’s Day and birthdays!

Christmas penguin gift bag

Versatile Finds For the Home

Thirdly, let’s talk about Christmas decor on the versatile after Christmas clearance finds list. These pieces can be picked up half off or more! I spot these sweet gingerbread pieces half off (As low as $6.00!) AND these mini ornaments that can even be used for Valentine’s Day!

Finally, I have a soft spot for any kind of signage, and now is a great time to pick up Christmas signs on the cheap! More importantly, you can often find signs that can be used in your winter decor and more! This snowflake sign can be kept out through February. The MERRY sign can be easily transformed into a blank canvas with a little polish remover. Yes, polish remover will typically remove paint from glass!! You can see how easy the process is right here!

Walmart Merry sign

Home Decor Finds

Last but not least is home decor and I am finding so many VERSATILE pieces that can be used well beyond the holidays! These candlesticks are half off and come in around $4.00 and $5.00 each.

wooden candle sticks

Wood bead garlands are always a great addition to home decor year round, along with these battery operated candles for about $3.50 each.

I LOVE this wood bead garland for $3.00 and the tag can be removed to use in your home anytime of the year. I also love these ceramic houses that could be displayed at Christmas or all winter in your home.

white ceramic houses

One last thing I’ll grab is my favorite Christmas candle (Candy Cane & Cream) that I find on clearance! Most of the scents are holiday focused, but it never hurts to check that candle aisle!! Let me know if you have a favorite after Christmas find at your store!!

Better Homes & Garden candy cane and cream candle

Simple & Easy Dollar Tree Winter Decor

Neutral Dollar Tree Wood Bead Wreath Tutorial

Easy Home Decor Risers – Budget Friendly DIY

Dollar Tree Valentine Beaded Heart Hanger

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