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Nothing makes me happier than spotting something at Dollar Tree that can be easily made-over for my home! It’s even better when it’s a versatile piece that can be used year round, so I can’t wait to share this simple Dollar Tree riser DIY that you’ve got to try!!

Dollar Tree decor plaques and Hobby Lobby 1 inch ball knobs

I spotted these decor plaques in round and oval, so I bought one of each. I picked up the one inch ball knobs at Hobby Lobby on clearance and they will work perfectly for feet! The plaque is a little dark for my taste as is, so I’ll brush on some white chalk paint and paint the ball knobs white.

1 inch ball knobs
1 inch ball knobs painted white

When the ball knobs are dry, go ahead and glue four of them to the bottom of the plaque using E-6000.

1 inch ball knobs painted white and glued to the bottom of Dollar Tree plaques

Once the glue is set I’ll go ahead and add some white paint to the top and sides. Can you believe that’s it? Talk about a quick make-over!

white paint being brushed on wood plaque
completed Simple Dollar Tree Riser DIY

Add as much or as little paint as you’d like to this one! I LOVE the darker color popping through, so I opted for a light hand with the white paint. This simple Dollar Tree riser DIY is all finished and ready to display! If you enjoy Dollar Tree DIYs be sure to check out this wood bead wreath decor!

Simple Dollar Tree Riser DIY
Simple Dollar Tree Riser DIY

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