Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament DIY

One of my favorite Dollar Staples are the floral foam pieces. Their versatility makes crafting ideas endless, but my favorite are the snowmen!! Today I’m using a package of the floral discs to create a Dollar Tree snowman ornament and I can’t wait to show you how cute it is!!

Dollar Tree foam discs, sock, and material strip

Here’s What You’ll Need…

  • Dollar Tree Foam Floral Discs (1 Pkg.)
  • One Old Sock
  • Material Strip or Ribbon for Bow
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue/E-6000
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • String or Jute
  • Clay for Nose
  • Sharpie/Pencil
foam discs and E-6000

First, use some E-6000 to glue the two discs together and allow to set for about an hour.

foam discs and E-6000

Next, pull the sock over the top of the discs to get an idea of where the eyes need to go. I want mine to set just below the hat rim. Use a pencil to mark the spots and then paint them black with paint.

Now, add rosy cheeks using pink paint and sketch a mouth using a pencil or Sharpie. Once the mouth is how you want it, paint over the line with black paint.

Finish off the face by adding a nose to the Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament. I’m using a small amount of air dry clay to sculpt a nose, paint, and the attach with hot glue. For the nose you could use the end of a larger skewer or toothpick as well.

Finally we’re ready for Mod Podge and glitter, but since the sock will act as a hat, we’ll only glitter from right above the eyes down. I allowed the Mod Podge to dry and then sprayed the snowman with a sealer to help hold the glitter in place.

Mod Podge and glitter added to snowman

Adding all the details..

Next, slide the sock on to the top and secure with hot glue. Use a string to tie the top.

sock added for hat and tied at top

Create a bow from the material strip or ribbon, attach with hot glue and add a little glitter.

bow added to sock hat

Lastly, if you want to hang the snowman, thread string through the back. This little guy would be adorable sitting on a shelf too!

string pulled through back of sock hat
completed Dollar Tree snowman ornament
completed Dollar Tree snowman ornament
completed Dollar Tree snowman ornament

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