Re-Cycled Snowman Hat

I’m pretty excited about this simple little DIY!! I need a hat for a snowman I’m working on but I’m limited to what I can find at home. You guys, you will never guess this little re-cycled snowman hat is made from a sour cream container!! Yep, you heard that right!!

All the details…

Step 1 : Wash and dry the empty container and trim it down.

Use scissors to cut about 1 1/4 inches off the bottom and then cut the plastic rim off of the top.

re-cycled snowman hat

Now I need a top and bottom for my hat and two cardboard circles will be perfect! This drink carrier is made from thinner cardboard which will be a little more flexible.

Step 2: Trace the top of the container onto the cardboard and cut it out.

re-cycled snowman hat

Step 3: Use a thin line of hot glue to attach the cardboard circle to the top of the container.

Step 4: The bottom circle needs to be larger in order to create a brim, so I’ll just use a large plastic cup to trace for this circle. I’ll use hot glue to attach this circle as well. Can you see the hat coming to life??

Now that the hat is all glued together I’m ready to paint it. I’ll be using this Apple Red Rustoleum spray paint.

Step 5: Apply several light coats of spray paint in order to cover the container. To avoid runs in your paint, don’t get too heavy handed with your paint coats here.

I’ll add glitter, some greenery, and pine cones to embellish this little re-cycled snowman hat!!

re-cycled snowman hat
re-cycled snowman hat

If you’d like to see how I created the complete snowman you can go here. I love that I was able to re-purpose items that would have been thrown away to make this cute little guy!!

Enjoy friends!!


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