Candlestick Snowman – Easy Dollar Tree DIY

What do you get when you combine a Dollar Tree Christmas ornament with a Dollar Tree candlestick? This sweet candlestick snowman of course! I LOVE snowmen and leave some of them out in my decor through January after I pack the Christmas away. Depending on what colors you use on this project you can use it at Christmas and throughout the winter months.

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Dollar Tree ornament and candlestick

This project will start with a Dollar Tree snowman ornament and a pretty candlestick. The snowman cheeks are a little worn but they can easily be touched up with a little pink paint.

Dollar Tree ornament
Dollar Tree floral foam

First, I’m using one of the Dollar Tree floral foam disks to cut a circle that will fit the top of the candlestick. I’ll use E-6000 to attach it to the top.

circle cut from Dollar Tree foam
E-6000 glue

Adding Greenery….

Now I’ll take some of my favorite Christmas greenery and start inserting it into the foam all the way around. I’m adding a drop of hot glue to the ends to secure. If you plan on using this after Christmas you could use neutral colors and leave the red off.

floral foam circle glued to top of candlestick
Christmas greenery inserted into floral foam circle
Christmas greenery inserted into floral foam circle

Once all the greenery is inserted I’ll add some glitter to give it a snowy effect.

Christmas greenery inserted into floral foam circle with glitter added

Now we can attach the ornament using a section of wood skewer and hot glue.

wood skewer inserted into foam to attach snowman ornament
wood skewer inserted into foam to attach snowman ornament
ornament and candlestick attached together

Finishing Touches….

I’ll also add some glitter to the snowman hat to give him a little more bling. I have one more thing to add to this little guy and then he’s finished!

torn material strips

Now use six strips of torn material about seven inches long and tie them in the center with string. Add some of the same Mod Podge and glitter to these too! Use cream or white material strips for a neutral, wintry look.

bow added to candlestick snowman

Finally, add a snowflake to the center and hot glue this to the snowman neck. So pretty!!

completed candlestick snowman
completed candlestick snowman

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