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This little glittered snowman has my heart friends!! I’m a sucker for anything vintage AND glittered and those things are typically expensive, but not this little guy!! He just looks like you picked him up at a boutique so no-one will ever guess he’s made from an egg….yep, an egg!!! Let me show you how to create your own glittered snowman vintage style!!

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glittered snowman vintage style

Here are a few supplies we’ll need to get started. I’ll be using a fake hen egg (these came from Walmart on clearance but you can also get something similar here), small 1.4 inch styrofoam balls from Dollar Tree, and white pipe cleaner.

Creating the snowman body…

The first thing to do is attach the styrofoam ball to the egg. I’ll be using hot glue and a toothpick to do this. First I’ll use a craft blade to make a small hole in the top of the egg.

glittered snowman vintage style
glittered snowman vintage style

Place a drop of hot glue on the hole and slide the toothpick in, then push the styrofoam ball onto the top of the toothpick. I’m using a larger toothpick, so I trimmed it down a little. For this snowman I’m tilting the head to the side so I’ll place the ball at an angle. Once attached, I’m adding some hot glue where the egg and the ball connect. Don’t worry about the glue being visible, it will be covered later.

Adding the legs…

We’ll add the legs using the same process. I’ll use my blade to make two larger holes in the bottom of the egg, add a drop of hot glue, and insert two small pieces of a wooden skewer. Also, add a bit of hot glue where the legs are inserted. Once the glue is dry paint the legs white.

Adding the details….

glittered snowman vintage style

Use a paint pen or Sharpie to add eyes and four buttons. I like to go back with black paint and fill in.

For the arms I’ll secure a section of the white pipe cleaner around the neck, twisting it and securing with hot glue.

glittered snowman vintage style

Next up I’ll add the nose and rosy cheeks using the end of a toothpick, along with orange and pink paint.

How cute is he already??? If you love snowmen as much as me be sure to check out this DIY snowman too!! Next up I’ll add some black mittens using felt from Hobby Lobby. Cut two of the same mitten shape and glue one to the top side of the pipe cleaner, and one on the underside.

glittered snowman vintage style

We’ll add shoes next and I’m using a section of wine cork for these. I used my serrated knife to cut a thin piece off of my cork, and then cut that piece in half. I made a small hole in each to push the legs down into the cork, securing with a drop of glue. I’ll use red paint to cover.

I’ll also add some bakers twine by wrapping it around the leg just above the “shoe.” I think it adds more of a boot look. Don’t worry if this part doesn’t look perfect, the glitter will cover imperfections, promise!!

One last step before we glitter, adding a scarf!! I’m using a red and white pipe cleaner from Hobby Lobby and wrapping it around the neck, on top of the white one. Twist it once and secure with glue.

glittered snowman vintage style

Adding the glitter…

This part is the so fun friends!! The glitter pulls everything together and our glittered snowman vintage style comes alive with so much sparkle!! I’m brushing Mod Podge on first, and then sprinkling on the glitter.

These pics don’t show the arms and scarf attached yet, but EVERYTHING gets glitter on this little guy!!

He is almost finished!! We need to add a hat and then glue him to a wood slice base.

Cut a strip of white card stock to make a tall hat. I’ll glue it with hot glue, paint red, and of course add glitter. Cut a small card stock circle to glue on top, and a larger one for the hat base.

Now that the hat is finished I’ll use hot glue to attach it to the snowman head. You can add any details to the hat, I’m using some small berries and a green leaf. I also added some Mod Podge to the wood slice, along with some glitter. I’m giving him a small wreath that is just hanging on his arm. One last step, apply spray adhesive or hairspray to help keep the glitter in place.

glittered snowman vintage style
glittered snowman vintage style
glittered snowman vintage style
glittered snowman vintage style

Oh my goodness I just love this little snowman!! Doesn’t he look like a high end boutique piece?? There are so many ways you can make this one your own!! I hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to see your snowmen creations!!


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