DIY Patriotic Metal Door Hanger

Let’s make-over this Hobby Lobby clearance find just in time for Memorial Day! I picked up some flowers at Walmart for under $1.00 a bunch and I’ll also use this sweet Dollar Tree napkin too to create a DIY patriotic metal door hanger!

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Walmart red, white, and blue flowers
  • Hobby Lobby Metal Container (I picked mine up on clearance.)
  • Dollar Tree Napkin
  • White Chalk Paint/Turquoise Paint
  • Walmart Flowers
  • Dollar Tree Floral Foam
  • Behr Wax
  • Spanish Moss
  • Mod Podge
  • Dollar Tree Pouncer
  • Half Wood Beads (Mine are from Amazon)
  • Sanding Pad
  • Hot Glue Tool
clearance contained painted white

First off, I’ll paint the container white using my Waverly chalk paint since I’ll be decoupaging the napkin onto the surface. Once the paint is completely dry, add Mod Podge and “pounce” the napkin onto the container. Don’t forget to separate the two-ply napkin and apply only the top printed ply.

Mod Podge to brush onto container
separate napkin plys
napkin applied to container

Allow the napkin to dry down after adhering with the Mod Podge and then use a file or sanding pad to remove excess napkin around the edges.

napkin applied to container

Next, stuff two of the Dollar Tree floral blocks down into the container. You can attach with glue if you’d like, I just pushed my down and they fit snuggly.

napkin applied to container
floral foam inserted into container

Now I’m ready to hot glue Spanish moss around the edges and then insert the flowers. I did darken my flowers down by adding wax to them, just like I did to the container. I also painted a half wood bead turquoise and added to the center of the white flowers.

half wood beads
half bead painted and glued inside flower
dark wax applied

Putting Everything Together….

Spanish moss glued to floral foam
flowers inserted into foam
DIY Patriotic Metal Door Hanger

Finally, let’s add a sweet but simple rag bow to the front of our DIY Patriotic Metal Door Hanger. Now you’re ready to add to your favorite wreath or just hang alone for the holiday!

DIY Patriotic Metal Door Hanger
DIY Patriotic Metal Door Hanger

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