Easy DIY Patriotic Banner

Need an easy decor fix for Memorial Day and the 4th?? Add some red, white, and blue quickly and easily with a fun burlap banner!! See how I created this easy DIY patriotic banner for my mantle in a matter of minutes!!

The Supplies…

I’m using rectangle burlap rectangles from Hobby Lobby for the base, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and a little hot glue!!

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a piece of blue scrapbook paper with white stars and a piece with red stripes

First up trim the top of each rectangle (I’ll be using 5) in order to cut the hole from the top and pull threads from each side to give a frayed look.

a paper cutter trimming the top from a burlap rectangle
a burlap rectangle with thread being pulled from the side
a burlap rectangle with threads pulled from both sides

Secondly cut triangles from the scrapbook paper. I’m using 3 blue with stars and two red stripes. I have a poster board triangle on hand that I’ll be using to trace, but you could also print a triangle to use as a template.

a cardboard triangle used to trace on back of scrapbook paper

Adding the red, white and blue to the easy DIY patriotic banner…

Now it’s time to adhere the paper to the burlap. You could use any type of glue, but I like the Mod Podge method since it leaves a smooth surface. I’m brushing Mod Podge on the back of each paper triangle, letting it dry, then ironing it onto the burlap. A mini iron works great for this part!!

Mod Podge being brushed on the back of paper triangle
paper triangle with dry Mod Podge on back
a blue triangle with stars laying on top of burlap rectangle
parchment paper laying on top of paper rectangle
mini iron ironing on top of parchment paper
burlap rectangles with paper triangles on top

Finishing touch…

Once all the triangles are attached I need to secure them to a wood bead garland that I already have hanging on the mantle. I found the easiest solution was a drop of hot glue. After the 4th I can heat the glue with a heat gun and it will peel right off the wood beads!!

burlap rectangle with blue triangle with stars and hot glue in each corner
burlap rectangle with red striped triangle attached to wood bead garland using hot glue in each corner

So EASY and just like that my mantle has a patriotic touch!! What do you think?? I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this soon so I’ll keep you updated!! Looking for more patriotic inspiration? Check out this cute project!!


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