Easy Dollar Tree Decoupaged Summer Sign

Nothing like a cool popsicle on hot summer day, right?? Not only are they delicious, but super cute for summer decor too!! I found these FUN napkins at Dollar Tree and knew they’d be perfect for decoupaging!! Come see how to create this easy Dollar Tree decoupaged summer sign!!

First off, how cute are these napkins y’all?!?

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a napkin with three popsicles on front laying on top of a green napkin with polka dots

They happened to be stacked together and I thought they were a perfect combo!! I grabbed a Dollar Tree blackboard to go along with the napkins and already had a vision of the cutest sign for summer!!

Prepping the surface…

a Dollar Tree blackboard sign
A Dollar Tree blackboard with white chalk paint on front

I’m using white chalk paint to cover the blackboard and Anita’s acrylic paint in fuchsia to cover the wood on top. The jute hanger can be popped out in order to paint and then replaced after the paint has dried.

A painted Dollar Tree blackboard with pint paint on the wood trim

Once the paint is all dry we can move on to decoupaging the napkins. Add a coat of Mod Podge to the painted chalkboard surface and allow it to completely dry.

Adding the napkins…

Now we are ready to separate the napkin plys, keeping the top ply to use. Lay the green napkin with polka dots down first and cover with a pice of parchment paper. Use an iron (I use this mini iron from Amazon.) to apply heat and reactivate the Mod Podge. Now add a smaller square of Mod Podge on top of the napkin and let dry.

A Dollar Tree blackboard with green napkin being ironed on

Next up, separate the plys of the popsicle napkin and cut the section with the popsicles out in a square. Lay the section on top of the green with polka dots napkin and repeat the ironing process using the parchment paper. The iron will reactivate the square of Mod Podge that was added on top of the green napkin and cause the popsicle cutout to adhere.

A Dollar Tree blackboard with green napkin on front and napkin with three popsicles on top
A Dollar Tree blackboard with green napkins and popsicle napkin being ironed on

Finally we are ready to add a bow as a finishing touch!! This ribbon came from Hobby Lobby and it’s still some of my favorite!! I think it pairs perfectly with this little sign!!

A Dollar Tree blackboard with popsicle napkins and polka dot bow

How EASY was this Dollar Tree decoupaged summer sign?? This is the first time I’ve decoupaged a napkin on top of another, but it worked great!! I found these napkins that are perfect for summer not too long ago! I will never NOT look at the Dollar Tree napkins again because these were such a fun find!!

I’d love to know what you think of this one!! Here’s to a sweet summer!!


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