Easy & Budget Friendly Cardboard Valentine Hearts

Who else has at least one cardboard box in their garage at all times?? My family keeps Amazon BUSY so I always have cardboard on hand! Since I already have the cardboard on hand it’s great for creating projects just like these easy & budget friendly cardboard Valentine hearts! Come get all the details!

Walmart Valentine cookie cutters and cardboard

First up, I spotted these cookie cutters at Walmart on the Valentine aisle and they sparked this idea of stackable hearts! They were $1.24 for six sizes. I’ll decide which sizes I’d like to use and then trace each one with a pencil onto my cardboard before cutting out.

hearts traced onto cardboard

Here they are, all cut out and stacked up!! Let’s add a little character to these by exposing some of the corrugated layers!

spray bottle with water

Now I’m going to lightly spray the top of the cardboard to make the peeling process a little easier. You don’t have to use water for this part, I just think it helps. Peel away as much or as little of the top layer as you’d like.

cardboard heart sprayed with water
top layer peeled away from top of cardboard heart

Next I’ll add some paint. I think these hearts could definitely be left neutral with no paint if you’d like. I’m going to paint some and not others, combining them all together.

top layer peeled away from top of cardboard hearts
cardboard heart painted white

Once all the heart layers are just as I like them, I’ll use hot glue to stack them up and attach them to one another to bring these easy & budget friendly cardboard Valentine hearts together!

hot gluing heart layers together

Finish Touch

Finally, for or a finishing touch I’m adding stamped, torn material strips to the top! I LOVE how this looks!

finished cardboard hearts
finished cardboard hearts

I’m just in love with the neutral and romantic vibe of this project y’all! What do you think about this project??

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