Easy Valentine Sign {Jesus Loves Me}

After the holiday decor has come down and been packed away I feel like I need a fresh start in my decor. The next holiday is Valentine’s Day and I like to decorate, but more on the neutral side. This DIY combines one of my favorite hymns, a beaded heart from Hobby Lobby, and a Dollar Tree cutting board to create a pretty but neutral piece with a vintage feel, which is my favorite. Let’s take a look at how I made this easy Valentine sign.

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Prepping the surface of the sign…

Whenever I find the small bamboo cutting boards at Dollar Tree I always grab a few because they make a perfect canvas for little signs like this. I’m adding some white chalk paint to the front and sides of this one. Allow the paint to dry and then affix the hymn to the front. This is one of my favorites, Jesus Loves me. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, right? The ultimate love!!

Dollar Tree cutting board and white chalk paint

The Mod Podge iron method…

I need to add the hymn page and one of the best ways to do this is to use Mod Podge and an iron. The process is simple, brush on the Mod Podge and allow to dry, then lay the hymn in the desired spot, lay a piece of parchment paper on top and iron. The iron’s heat reactivates the Mod Podge and prevents wrinkling.

Mod Podge on painted bamboo cutting board
Jesus Loves me hymnal laid on top of painted cutting board
hymnal page being ironed onto cutting board
hymnal page ironed onto cutting board

Adding some details…

These last few steps are my favorite because this is where you can make this project your own. I want a softer look, so I’m going to paint the wood bead heart a soft pink and then glue it on. I’m also underlining “Jesus Loves Me” in red.

beaded heart with craft glue applied to the back
beaded heart painted pink and glued onto cutting board

Finishing touches on this easy Valentine sign…

I love to make my projects look aged whenever possible and one way to do that is with distress ink. I’m using Tim Holtz distress ink in Vintage Photo. I’ll add it around the edges of this piece.

I have some torn strips of ivory colored material that I’ll add to the bottom of the heart using hot glue. For the final touch I’m adding some bling using a piece from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby.

Tim Holtz distress ink
torn strips of ivory material
cutting board with hymnal and beaded heart attached and tip of hot glue gun
cutting board with hymnal and beaded heart attached and strips of material glued to bottom of heart
cutting board with hymnal and beaded heart attache, strips of material glued to bottom of heart with a jeweled flower in the middle

This piece just gives me all the feels!! The material and bling on the bottom give it a soft, romantic feel and the distress ink and torn edges on the hymn add a vintage vibe. Let me know what you think and if you like neutral decor for Valentine’s Day. If you enjoy Valentine’s Day projects be sure to see how I created this piece with a vintage feel.

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